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15 Storage Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Seem Larger

Magically Make Your Small Kitchen Seem Larger!

Do you have a small kitchen but more pots, pans, appliances and kitchen gadgets than you know where to store! The perfect solution, if you have enough space, would be to open up a wall and increase the size of your kitchen, adding more cabinets for all your kitchen tools. Since this option is not the ideal answer for everyone we’ve shared some great space saving storage tips below and we have no doubt that these tips will make a big improvement to your space.

Cabinet Spice Rack

Are your spices taking up multiple shelves? Or are they scattered all over your countertop? You can easily clean up your countertops or free up more cabinet shelves by utilizing a cabinet spice rack. There are two types:

A. A door rack can be installed on the inside of your cabinet door to securely hold your spices
B. A multi-tiered cabinet spice rack can help you store multiple sized spice bottle in a nicely compact space

Utensil Drawer

A utensil draw is handy to get rid of counter clutter and countertop utensil spinners. Custom inserts can be built for pre-existing drawers or new drawers can be purchased to fit in pre-existing cabinets.

Under Sink Drawer

Are you tired of emptying your under-sink cabinet just to find what you are looking for? Get rid of this headache, and easily store more items with a pullout drawer. This will make finding detergent, cleaning sponges, plastic bags, and other stowed items a breeze.

Rolling Cabinet or Cart

Let’s face it, we’ve all needed more counter space at some point in time! A rolling cabinet or kitchen cart can provide not only more storage, but more counter space when you need it. This can also be used as a mobile work station, which is great for entertaining family and friends. A rolling cabinet or kitchen cart can easily be store underneath an existing countertop or beneath a counter overhang.

Pullout Trash Can

Are you constantly bumping into your trash can or find you’re always moving it out of your way? With a pullout trash can drawer you can store trash cans and recycling bins underneath countertops, clearing your kitchen of the eye sore.

Lazy Suzan

A Lazy Susan corner cabinet cab be the perfect solution for multilevel storage. You can store spices, pots, small kitchen appliances, non-perishables and more, all while maximizing unused vertical spaces.

Pet Bowls

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to hear that 36% of households in the US have at least one dog and approximately 30% have a cat. If you already have a small kitchen, crowding it with pet bowls can make it feel even smaller. By building pet bowls into an island it keeps them off the floor – giving you extra space to move around freely in your kitchen.

We hope that these great space saving storage tips help to transform your small kitchen into a space that is more manageable. If these tips still don’t give you as much space as you’d like contact one of our experienced kitchen designers today for a free estimate on getting your kitchen fully remodeled. Keep checking back for more great bath and kitchen advice!

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