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Finish Your Project Off With The Perfect Final Touches – Interior Design Trends For 2017

You finally did it! You pulled the trigger and completed a major renovation in your kitchen or bathroom – and it looks awesome. Chances are, you are so excited by the materials you chose and how new and different everything looks that you are overlooking one tiny detail…how are you doing to decorate it? Your old decorations probably don’t fit well with your new design and you’d hate to add the wrong elements that could take away from the look you just paid good money to achieve. Here are some interior decorating trends that you will see throughout 2017.

Kitchen Colors


As always color is one of the most important pieces to interior design. You want to select colored accessories that not only match the look of your newly remodel space but that will also remain in style for some time.

In a previous blog, we informed you that Greenery was selected as Pantones color of the year so it should be no surprise that green will be making an appearance this year in many accessories, along with other natural, earthy tones.

In addition to that, gray will remain a popular color this year, just as is was back in 2017. Gray is a color that pairs nicely with almost any modern or contemporary kitchen and bathroom style and it also pairs nicely with a wide variety of accent colors as well, making it a winning accent color selection in most cases.

The color trends wouldn’t be complete without a metal to round off the collection – and this year that color will be bronze. While bronze is considered to be more of a classic color it does pair well with a myriad of decorating styles. You can expect to see this color making an appearance in both lighting and accessories.

Mixing Patterns

Mixed Patterns & Materials

Not only will mixed patterns be popular this year but mixing different types of textures and materials will also be a fan favorite. Think leather furniture with a wool throw and decorative cotton pillows. You will also see tropical prints mixed with solids and even mismatched prints together.


When you think about it most people spend the majority of their day looking at flat screens. Designers are getting creative and incorporating more texture into their designs in order to capture attention. This can range from furniture with pleating, smooth surfaces paired with fabric throw pillows and so on.

Less is More

We see this more and more during renovations. Homeowners are looking to de-clutter and store away as many gadgets as they can, as opposed to leaving them out on display. This same idea is being carried over into the world of interior design as well. Homeowners will purchase decorative pieces that also double as something else, such as storage space or seating. The idea of fold-out rooms will also become more popular as the year goes on. The more square footage that can be obtained by eliminating decorative elements the better.

Unique Lighting

Unique Lighting

When considering your lighting choices for the space you will want to think of your selection as more of a vocal point or a piece of art. Choose something quirky that catches attention.

Your renovation is complete, we’ve shown you what’s trending and now it’s time to finish off your project with the perfect final touches. Your options – take a stab at decorating on your own, find/interview/hire a random interior designer – OR – hire your trusted Bath Plus Kitchen Design Remodel team to help you finish the project. If we’ve helped you through your whole remodel you already have a great feel for our team, how we work and the quality of work that we provide. Contact us today about adding interior design or consulting services to your project and let us help you finalize your space!

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