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Get Aboard The Subway…Subway Tile Trend That Is!

We can guarantee you that back in 1904 when the New York City Subway opened, its architects had no idea that their design choices would someday become a household name – subway tiles. You’ve seen this look in both commercial and residential spaces and we are guessing that you love it! If you are considering adding subway tiles to your kitchen, bathroom or other living areas for your upcoming renovation we want to make sure that you know about all of your options!

Size & Shape

As you probably already know from admiring this product, subway tiles are rectangular in shape with the most common size being 3” x 6”. Over the years these tiles have also become available in 3″ x 12″, 4″ x 8”, and 4″ x 12” sizes. Most homeowners opt to go with a flat or beveled tile as they are the most affordable options but you can also purchase mechanical (machine made) and handmade subways tiles (which in most cases will run you double or triple the price of a flat tile).

Colors, Materials & Finishes

The great thing about using subway tiles in your space is that they come in dozens of colors so there is an option to fit every home style and space. In addition to the different colors offered you can also get these tiles in glazed, semiglazed, and matte finishes, and some styles are even slightly textured for additional visual interest. Subway tiles are made of ceramic, marble, or glass. If you are looking to get away from the simple, mainstream look of the white tile with gray grout there are lots of ways that you can step out of the box with your tile selection. You can try adding in borders, inserts, or accent tiles to break up the look of the subway tiles or you can change up the look altogether and purchase subway tiles that look like natural stone or have a metallic finish to them. The possibilities are endless and our team will be sure to show you all of your options during the design process.


Besides the endless color choices, subway tile is also a very popular kitchen and bathroom material because of how durable it is. It handles everyday wear and tear very well which means that after installation it will last you for years and years. Subway tile is also very easy to clean and requires virtually no maintenance.

Installation Patterns

Just like with the different color options available for you to select from there are also different installation patterns to select from! While the most common is the staggered subway look you might want to mix it up a little and try something slightly different. The basket weave and herringbone patterns have become increasingly popular over the past few years.

If you think subway tile is the perfect fit for your upcoming bathroom or kitchen renovation feel free to contact us and our design team will help walk you through the decision-making process, creating the perfect design for you, based your vision of the new space.

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