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Kid Friendly Bathroom Remodels

Kid Friendly Bathrooms

Why is it that when people want to make something kid-friendly they feel the need to go out and buy lots of child-sized things assuming that will solve their issue? This is the farthest thing from the solution and will not work well for a bathroom remodel! With a project like this, whether it’s a bathroom just for the kids or a bathroom that will be shared with adults, you want to remember to create a bathroom that is still adult friendly, as well as functional for children. I mean let’s face it, in a few years your children will be growing quickly (don’t panic, we know it’s hard to imagine)! If you are expecting your first child or looking to upgrade your bathroom to accommodate your family as your children grow we have some great advice for planning your child-friendly bathroom remodel.

    1. Do Not Buy Child Sized Fixtures!

      As we already mentioned – Don’t build a bathroom with small items just to accommodate children – they grow. Instead buy items that will help your child use regular size bathroom items more easily.

      1. Purchase a toilet that can transition with your child. With most toilets you are able to purchase different seats that can be changed as your child outgrows them. You will also want to stick with installing a standard height toilet as anything taller could be too high for your little ones, even with the help of a stool.
      2. Choose fixtures that offer bathing options for all ages. A tub/shower combo is a great choice for a shared family bathroom. It will allow the adults to take showers while providing a tub to fill up for children who still need to sit for bath time.
      3. Lower mirrors and shelving to levels that you child can reach and then adjust them higher as children get taller. You can also buy stepstools to help them easily reach the sink.
    2. Accessories

      1. Make sure that you have plenty of storage for toys when your children are young and then personal care items as children become teenagers. Storage can be in the form of cabinets, open shelving or a small closet.
      2. Try installing towel hooks instead of towel bars. They tend to be easier for smaller children to use on their own.
      3. Purchase easy to handle hardware for your cabinets. Pulls and levers are easier for small hands to use. Knobs can sometimes be difficult for children so it’s best to avoid them if possible.

  1. Select Durable Surfaces

    It’s no secret that children have their messy moments. To help preserve your newly renovated bathroom as long as possible we suggest selecting durable materials during the remodeling process.

    1. Flooring – Tile is a very durable flooring choice but we suggest buying a piece to test before getting it installed. Some tiles can be very slippery when wet which can be a safety hazard for children. We suggest going with a tile or flooring option that has some texture to it which will help prevent falls.
    2. Countertops – When selecting a countertop you want to make sure that you are purchasing a material that won’t stain or scratch. We find that quartz is a great option for bathrooms.
    3. Walls – Adding a nice wainscoting to your walls will help to protect them from dings and dents while adding some character to the space at the same time. You might also want to consider a tile backsplash or tile focal wall around the sinks. With water constantly being splashed around, the tile will protect the walls from damage and possible mold growth.
  2. Safety is a top priority in a bathroom

    It is a small space with lots of running water so it is important to make sure that the space is safe for your child.

    1. Soft closing toilet seats help to ensure that children aren’t getting their fingers smashed when opening and closing the seat as they are using the toilet. As a nice bonus these seats also help with noise! You’ll never hear another toilet seat slam shut again!
    2. Soft close doors/drawers also help to ensure that children aren’t getting fingers pinched as they are accessing their bathroom items.
    3. Anti-slip mats are extremely helpful in preventing children (and adults) from slipping and falling on slick wet surfaces, and if by chance there is an accident an anti-slip mat will help provide some cushion for the fall.
    4. Anti-Scald Devices can be installed on faucets and showerheads to ensure that children won’t get burned if they are adjusting their own water temperature. These devices limit the amount of hot water that can flow through them so that the water temperature never gets above a certain point.

These are just a few of the many tips and suggestions that our team of bathroom remodeling experts can recommend during your child-friendly bathroom remodel. To have our team assist you with you next bathroom remodel be sure to contact us to schedule your free consultation.

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