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Kitchen Trends to Look for in 2016!

Tired of your outdated kitchen and considering a remodel in the near future? If you answered yes, you’ll want to see the new, exciting design trends that will be taking over kitchens in 2016. We’ve compiled a list of some of the newest trends that people are raving about already this year.


1. Workhorse Islands

If you have a long wish list of things to improve in your kitchen chances are adding a workhorse island will accomplish most of them. A workhorse island will give you extra workspace, room for a built-in sink, more storage space, and even an area for additional seating!


2. Two-Toned Kitchen cabinets

Who says that all of your kitchen cabinets need to be the same color? If you are open to trying something new we would suggest adding two different tones of kitchen cabinets to your space. You could make your island a different color than the rest of the kitchen cabinets, if you have one, or you could have your upper cabinets be a slightly different color than your lower cabinets.


3. Colored Stainless Steel Appliances

If two-toned cabinets are a little bit out of your comfort zone you might want to add some color to your kitchen by purchasing colored stainless steel appliances. This is also great alternative for homeowners who aren’t a fan of shiny chrome. LG has a great collection in black and Whirlpool has a lighter collection in a sunset bronze finish.


4. Deep Kitchen Drawers

I don’t know that we’ve ever encountered someone who didn’t have “more storage space” on their kitchen remodel wish list. Many homeowners are starting to replace their lower kitchen cabinets with deep drawers. The ability to use inserts and dividers in these drawers makes it easier than ever to arrange your pots, pans, and other kitchen tools in a way that makes them easily assessable and helps to save space. The best part – deep drawers are getting better and better in quality and are getting lower and lower in price.


5. Under Cabinet Lighting

Let’s face it, when you are in the kitchen you want to be able to see what you are doing and homeowners everywhere agree. Throughout 2016 homeowners will be adding lighting options into their kitchen remodels. Whether it’s low-voltage light strips that provide lighting under cabinets, above cabinets, or lighting options to provide light inside of your cabinets there is sure to be plenty of light in your kitchen.


6. Hi-Tech Spaces

Forget the mail center, you need space for your technology! In 2016 you can’t forget to include space for all of your smart devices, such as smart phones, tablets and even laptops. More and more kitchens are being built with hidden charging stations for devices, USB ports built right into the outlets and spaces to keep devices hidden while they are charging.


7. Surprising Countertop and Backsplash Pairings

This year home owners are stepping outside of the box. The days of having everything match could be coming to an end. We expect to see different textures mixed with bold colors. Think butcher block counters with a bright, bold backsplash tile or concrete countertops paired with a brick backsplash. The possibilities are endless!

Our experienced team of kitchen designers and contractors will work with you to design and build the kitchen of your dreams in 2016. If you are loving some new trends and are ready to get started on your remodel contact us today for a free estimate.

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