Check out this new timeless kitchen in a townhouse on 16th St SE Washington, DC. Our client’s Casey & Clay are very happy with their new kitchen and thankful for all the hard work put in by our team.

You’ll see painted white cabinets from Durasupreme , appliances from GE Cafe (yes that is an induction range), a large farm sink, beautiful hardware and supreme carrara marble top.

The biggest challenge faced with this project is the existing kitchen was tiny and walled off on either side by two large posts. Sometime within the past 30 years an addition was put onto this historic home. The addition is where the kitchen was located. There was very little room for cabinets with a sink practically on top of a range.

When I first met with Casey & Clay it was apparent to me we had to find a way to add cabinetry. They were curious to know how much it would cost to remove the two large posts in the middle of the kitchen. It turned out the posts were the original exterior wall. It would be very costly to remove them. On top of that the main soil stack is running through one of the posts. In an ideal world we would have removed the posts and created a more traditional L-shaped kitchen with an island complete with an overhang and seating.

The long-term plans for Casey and Clay were to live in the house another 5 to 8 years. They weren’t interested in putting too much into the house, so we got creative. Luckily they had a large relatively unused wall directly across from the kitchen that was perfect for cabinetry. To make this work we had to flip the coat closet door, which wasn’t that big of a deal. The new wall allowed for a large pantry cabinet, glass front wall cabinets, a drawer microwave, and 36” built-in refrigerator. We moved the range to where the fridge was located and made the hood above it a focal point.

The subway tile in a herringbone pattern on this wall adds an interesting twist. The satin brass and black hardware and sink faucet add a little pop to the white. Not seen in the photos are two wood open shelves to be installed above the sink. They had to be custom made. This will add some color and a natural feel to the mix. To bring in a bit of industrial feel we exposed an original brick wall in the dining room.

One of the biggest investment decisions for Casey & Clay was cabinetry (it usually is as cabinets are the largest cost item in most kitchen remodels). To do everything they wanted and maximize space we went with a semi-custom line. They did consider a stock cabinet line, which offered decent savings however there were too many tradeoffs.

If you’re considering new cabinetry or remodeling your kitchen we recommend completing our kitchen questionnaire . From there plan to schedule a time to meet with us at our showroom. We look forward to hearing from you.

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