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Baby It’s Cold Outside – But Inside Your Bathroom It’s Nice & Warm!

Baby It’s Cold Outside – But Inside Your Bathroom It’s Nice & Warm!

During the winter months, it’s often cold, snowy and a bit gloomy outside, meaning that most people are spending extra time inside. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that it needs to be cold inside! We’re going to share a bunch of great upgrades that you can add to your bathroom to help make you feel nice and cozy during the winter months.

A Sauna

Have extra space in your bathroom? Why not add a small sauna! While it could be used all year round if you are feeling a bit congested or stressed it is also the perfect addition to help you through the cold dark winter months! While saunas are more commonly found in countries like Sweden they are becoming increasingly more popular in the United States.

A Steam Shower

This might be a big-ticket upgrade but we can promise that you won’t be disappointed. Adding a steam shower to your bathroom not only helps to keep you warm in the winter but it can also help to improve circulation, help to improve your skin’s tone and clarity, make breathing easier, and help you to relax and release stress.

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Add A Tub That Retains Heat

If you are planning on adding a bathtub to your bathroom make sure to consider what it’s made of before purchasing. Materials like copper, brass, volcanic limestone and soapstone retain heat and will help to keep that hot bathwater warm longer while you enjoy a long soak.

A Fireplace

Adding a fireplace to your bathroom will add a feeling of luxury in addition to some warmth. Imaging enjoying a nice long bath in the middle of winter – relaxing in your nice big tub, listening to the fireplace while reading a book or drinking a glass of wine! What better way to spend a cold winter night?

Heated Floors

During the winter your bathroom floors are probably a bit chilly and the last thing you want to do is get out of a nice warm shower and step onto freezing cold floors that send chills and goosebumps through your body! The perfect solution is to add heated floors! Special coils can be installed under your tile flooring and can be controlled with the flick of a switch. You can utilize them during the winter months and then leave them off during the summer months. Heated floors will keep your feet feeling nice and warm – especially in the winter! In fact, you might want to start spending even more time in the bathroom during the winter months.

Towel Warmers

You’ve just taken a nice warm shower or bath, you step out on to your nice heated floor and then wrap yourself up in your bath towel. If you are feeling nice and warm the last thing you want to do is wrap yourself in a cold towel so we suggest spending a little extra to get a towel warmer.

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Heated Toilet Seats

Finally, your bathroom wouldn’t be complete without heated toilet seats! No one wants to sit down on an ice-cold seat when you head to the bathroom. Adding heated toilet seats is inexpensive and easy to do and we promise that it will make a world of difference in your winter bathroom experience.

If you’d like to start planning your bathroom remodel, so that you have your bathroom prepared for next winter, contact our team today to get a free consultation!

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