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Creating The Perfect Kitchen for Entertaining

Creating The Perfect Kitchen for Entertaining

Were you one of the millions of people who hosted a Super Bowl party in your home earlier this month? If so you probably noticed that your kitchen is either already setup to host the perfect party, or just the opposite – that it needs some renovations before you try to entertain a large group again. If you love entertaining but don’t have the kitchen space or tools to get the job done we have some tips to help you get your kitchen up to par with your “entertaining standards”. Yes, most of these tips will require renovations but we promise that you’ll be thanking us when you host your next group gathering!

An Open Floor Plan

As a party host we know that you spend most of your time in the kitchen during a party, refilling drinks and food as it gets low. If your floor plan is very closed off with lots of walls you might be missing out on socializing or communicating with guests that are hanging out in other areas of the house. Removing walls wherever possible and creating an open concept floor plan will make your home feel larger and will give you a great view from the kitchen into other rooms of your house. If you are unable to take down walls you might at least want to consider putting a flat screen in your kitchen so that you can still watch the big game from the kitchen.

Double Up on Appliances

When hosting a Super Bowl party or other large gathering chances are you are going to be preparing a lot of food. This is where double ovens and even extra beverage refrigerators and two dishwashers might come in handy. Not everyone will have a kitchen large enough to accommodate a double of each appliance so think about what items you use the most (for entertaining and for everyday life) and then decide what items would be the most beneficial in the space.

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Warming Drawer

Preparing large amounts of food can take time and in most cases, you start prepping the night before the party already. As you are preparing foods in advance you will want to make sure you have a space to store them and keep them warm before guests arrive and you get them out to serve. Warming drawers are perfect for accomplishing this task. Make your food an hour or two early, stick it in the warming drawer and then get it out right before you are ready to serve. This allows you to be able to actually enjoy some of your party, instead of spending the whole time stuck near the stove/oven.

Lots of Counterspace

Feel like you are low on counterspace when just doing everyday meal prep? If this is the case, you are really going to notice your lack of counterspace when prepping and setting up for a party. Why not add an island in your kitchen or extend the square footage of your island countertop by adding an overhang? Also, try storing away kitchen tools that you don’t use every day to help free up some additional counterspace for an event.

Seating for All

Anytime you have an event having enough seating for everyone can be a little difficult, especially if your guests like to congregate in the kitchen around all the yummy food you’ve prepared. As it turns out, adding additional countertop space in the form of an overhang also helps to create extra seating as well. You can make bar stools available at the island for guest to relax at. You could also consider adding some built-in seating if you have space for a small table in an eat-in kitchen area.

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Having an open floor plan also helps as guests will be more likely to travel into the living room and dining room in search of extra seating as well. Not having those rooms closed off from the kitchen will make them feel as though they are still a part of the party, even from another room.

Space to Store All Your Gadgets

Any entertainer knows that in order to throw a great party you need a lot of kitchen gadgets! From tools to prep the food, and pans and platters to serve it on, to plates and utensils for people to use to eat it all! The big question is where do you store it all when you are done using it for the day or when you are done entertaining? That’s where a walk-in pantry or floor to ceiling cabinets come in handy. If you are going to remodel your kitchen to make it the perfect space for entertaining, you are going to want to make sure you think about storage for when you aren’t entertaining as well.

You might have successfully survived your Super Bowl party this year but if you love entertaining the next event you want to host will be here before you know it. Contact our team of kitchen design experts today to see how we can help you transform your kitchen into an entertaining dream space!

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