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Find The Island That’s Perfect For You

Find The Island That’s Perfect For You

The warm sun shining down on you, your toes in the sand, a drink in your hand – this sounds amazing but unfortunately that’s not the type of island we’ll be discussing. The island we’ll be helping you pick is one that you can use to meal prep, cook from, gather around with family and more. Yes – we are talking about kitchen islands. If you are keeping up with kitchen trends you will know that kitchen islands are a HOT commodity right now. They provide homeowners with extra storage, seating and a lot of space to meal prep. There are many different kitchen island layouts that you can select from and this post should hopefully give you a few ideas on which type of island will be best for your space and cooking needs.


If you love cooking or have a spouse that loves to cook with you an L-shaped kitchen island might be a good fit for your home. This type of island is usually very large in size which leaves lots of room for storage, meal prep and seating. It’s a great way to fill up an empty space if you have the room to do so. Homeowners who prefer this look need to be okay with sacrificing the open-concept look/feel and they also need to realize that depending on how the rest of the kitchen is laid out it might hamper efficiency during meal prep.

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U-shaped islands are considered a chefs dream. The biggest of all the island options out there, you are sure to have an amazing amount of storage space and you might even be able to do a full meal prep without having to leave the island. It is important to consider that there are a few negatives to having an island of such a large size. Some homeowners find that moving from one side to another, keeping the space clean and needing to leave the island during meal prep can be a huge hassle. This kitchen island style can also make your kitchen feel smaller and closed off if it isn’t put into the right sized kitchen. When considering this option it’s important to think about your whole kitchen layout and the space that is available for the island.


The Gallery style kitchen island is by far the most common kitchen island that you will see in homes. It’s simple, straightforward design makes it a good fit for almost any kitchen layout. Since there are no curves or corners in this design the storage space is maximized. Bar-style seating is also a perk of this island layout. The only con to this style is that it can be considered a bit boring. They won’t necessarily create a wow factor unless they are very large in size.


If you are looking for something that really stands out and makes a statement then a half moon or circular island might just be what your kitchen needs. These islands allow for plenty of room to meal prep. This island layout also allows expansive space for seating. You will have space for at least for guests to eat and socialize comfortably. The down side to a circular layout is that there is often times wasted storage space. Meal prep is also slightly less efficient since the counter-top is curved and space is spread out it can limit the way you cook.


Do you have a smaller kitchen? Or a home that doesn’t allow for easily installation of an island? If so then a rolling island will be a blessing for you. These islands are extremely affordable and they provide you with the same great additional meal prep space as a traditional island. Depending on their size, they’re also easy to stow and move. While these types of islands are a live-saver for some homeowners they can also cause issues for others. Larger designs can be hard to move and store. Even with a rolling island counter space and storage space can still be limited. You’ll have to judge your needs and your space and consider if this style is a fit for your home or not.

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