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Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Larger!

Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Larger!

If you have a small bathroom with no extra space available to expand during your remodel we can still help your small bathroom feel much larger than it really is. Below we will review some of the best ways to increase storage space in your bathroom and make it appear larger while still remaining functional.

1. Add a Medicine Cabinet

Every bathroom has mirrors so why not have them double as extra storage space? Check out the Kohler 20×26 inch single door medicine cabinet if you’re looking for extra space to the side of your vanity area.

2. Get the Right Lighting

Having the proper lighting in your bathroom can go a long way towards creating the appearance of more space in a small bathroom. Properly placed vanity lights and recessed lighting can create height and depth in the space. For a modern look the Moen Iso 3-bulb vanity light is a good option.

If you like more of an industrial look the Claxy Ecopower Simplicity Industrial Edison Antique Glass 2-light wall sconce is a niche touch.

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For recessed lighting we’ll often install waterproof lights above a shower area.

3. Take Advantage of Shower Corners and Walls

One to three corner shelves can really maximize storage space for soap and shampoo bottles. Some people like us to install one a little higher to use as a beer or wine shelf, after a long day of work sometimes that shelf comes in quite handy. Sometimes we’ll install a corner shelf about 18″ from the shower floor to make it easier for shaving legs.

The Kes tempered glass corner shelf is great for holding shampoo bottles and soap.

If you’d like to add a grab bar to a corner shelf we recommend the Moen grab bar with corner shelf. It comes in polished chrome, brushed nickel, and old world bronze.

A stone corner shelf such as the round edge biacno carrara is more sturdy for heavier usage such as shaving legs. They also come in many different options depending on the color scheme of your tiles.

Take advantage of shower walls by adding recessed shampoo niches. The Tile Redi double niche is a great option.

4. Hang Items on the Wall

If you don’t have the space to install more cabinets for storage consider hanging rails on the walls and then use hanging baskets and storage containers to organize smaller items.

5. Floating Shelves

Installing floating shelves in your bathroom will help give it an open, airy feeling. You will need to be fairly tidy for this look to actually make your bathroom look larger however. You don’t want to have cluttered shelves or it might actually make your bathroom feel smaller than it is. Get even more organized and add a towel bar to the bottom of the shelf, here’s a good example.

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6. Pick Your Patterns Wisely

When selecting surfaces for your walls consider beadboard or wallpaper with vertical stripes to add a sense of height to the entire space. Hardwood floors or tile should run the length of the space to make it seem longer.

7. Consider a Modern or Contemporary Design

These types of designs are often more sleek and streamlined than other styles. Modern styles often feature less décor and suggest that less is more which is perfect for making your bathroom seem larger than it really is.

8. Pick Lighter Colors

This goes for picking paint colors, flooring and cabinet colors and even colors for accessories – like shower curtains and towels. Darker colors tend to make spaces feel small so if you already have a small bathroom the last thing you want to do is have a dark bathroom.

9. Utilize Natural Light

Take advantage of any natural light available in your bathroom. If your bathroom doesn’t have any windows you could always consider adding one if that is an option. Skylights are also great sources of light for a bathroom. You’ll also want to make sure that any curtains or shades are translucent, and keep windowsills free of any items that would obstruct sunlight from entering the space.

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If you have the space to extend your small bathroom during a remodel we will certainly explore that route with you. If adding more space simply isn’t an option we can always find ways to help make your small bathroom look and feel larger. Call us today at (703) 755-0479 to schedule a free consultation.

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