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Must Have Kitchen Design Secrets

Must Have Kitchen Design Secrets

Redesigning your kitchen is a BIG project. Below we are sharing some must-have deign secrets that will help you create the kitchen of your dreams!

Maximize Storage

If you have a more than a couple of people using a kitchen you know stuff can accumulate quickly on kitchen counters. It’s important to think through all the items used in a kitchen on a daily basis. It’s not only cooking utensils. You’ll want to have a space for keys, mail, an espresso machine, laptops, phones, brief cases, flowers, candles, cookie jars, etc. If you’re a minimalist maybe you don’t have many of these items. Or if you do you already have a handle on this topic. In any case, the more you think through where in your kitchen you want all of these items to go the easier it will be to maintain day to day. When possible add roll out trays to base cabinets and pantries. Utilize lazy susans for efficient use of corners. Add tip out trays to false drawer fronts in front of your sink to keep sponges and brushes. Consider USB outlets for charging devices or having cabinet space dedicated to electronics. Have a plan for trash & recycling. If space is available use built-in bins. Where will you keep your spices? Consider spice racks.

Maximize Efficiency

Functionality is key to a great kitchen design. Think about your kitchen triangle, where the sink, fridge, and range form a triangle. Ideally you’ll want no more than 6 feet between each. If you’re sink is further away from a range or cooktop consider adding a pot filler. For larger kitchens a well-placed wine fridge and bar sink can add to kitchen efficiency. You’ll want to plan to have counter top space for dirty dishes next to the sink, meal prep next to a range.

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Open Floor Plan

In most cases the kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s a place to where guests like to congregate. This is the opposite of how kitchens functioned fifty years ago when many homes in the DC area were built. Where possible consider taking out walls or an addition to create an open kitchen design. It’s important your contractor works with an engineer to check walls are load bearing or prepare plans for an addition. An open kitchen can have a major impact on the look and feel of your home, which can go a long way towards resale value. Another benefit of open an open kitchen design is safety. If you have little ones around it’s easier to keep an eye on them. If you have kids or pets playing the backyard add a window to your kitchen or locate your sink in front of a window.


Consider where you or your family eats on a day to day basis. In many cases the dining room is used a handful of times a year. For some kitchen remodels we’ll knock out the wall between a kitchen and dining room to expand the kitchen. A large island will usually make up for some of the lost dining space. This means you’ll want to maximize seating area at your new kitchen island. You’ll also want to work with your designer to help choose chairs that go with your new kitchen. If you have an island or peninsula consider if or how a breakfast bar or counter top overhang could work for your new kitchen. It’s likely a space that will be used for eating day to day or drinking coffee and checking your phone. If you have a nice bay window area or open space next to your kitchen consider a breakfast nook. Built-in benches with drawers are a great if you’re short on storage space.

Don’t Forget The Lighting

Kitchens are often lacking important lighting needed for all the activities that take place in the area. When designing a new kitchen or making upgrades make sure to consider where lighting is placed and how much you have available. You never want lighting behind where you will be prepping as it will cast shadows into your workspace. Features like under cabinet lighting are becoming increasingly popular add-ons to kitchens nowadays.

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You’re Not Alone, Ask For Help

This might be the biggest secret we can offer. Kitchens can be one of the largest, most expensive rooms in your home to renovate so you want to make sure that you have an expert guiding you along the way. During a kitchen renovation you will have to make decisions on layout configurations, materials, lighting plans, appliances, color choices and more. Having an experienced team to make suggestions will make your life much easier.

Keep checking back for even more tips and tricks for updating your home.

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