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Protect Your Floors This Holiday Season

Protect Your Floors This Holiday Season

The holiday season is right around the corner! This means lots of baking, decorating, family gatherings and traffic in, out and around your home. During this busy time of year it is important to keep your floors safe and protected as you entertain family, friends and colleagues. If you follow these few simple tips it will help to keep your floors looking nicer for much longer.

1. Doormats

When it comes to damage to your floors the number on culprit is the dirt and debris that gets dragged into your home one the bottom of shoes. While this is true all year round the changes of damage increase in the winter months when wet snow and salt from driveways and sidewalks become a problem. We suggest having door mats both outside and inside your door for double protection. If you have guests using more than one door to enter and exit you’ll want mats at each of those areas as well.

2. Area Rugs

Area rugs are perfect for high traffic areas of your home such as hallways and party areas. These rugs will help catch moisture and protect against scratches. The best party is that they can fairly inexpensive and can easily be removed or replaced if they get damaged or stained.

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3. Remove Shoes

While this may seem like common sense you’d be surprised at how many hosts look past this simple solution. Asking your guests to remove their shows when they enter your home is a great way to keep them from tracking dirt, snow, salt and stones on your hardwood flooring and carpeting. If you do opt for this simple solution you might also want to consider the below suggestion.

4. Boot Tray

If you ask guests to remove their shoes upon entering your home you will want to make sure that they have somewhere to place their shoes. During the holiday season shoes have a higher chance of being wet so having a large rubber tray that guests can easily place their shoes in is great. The tray will collect all the dirt and moisture, keeping it off of your floors, and can easily be cleaned out after everyone heads home.

5. Pet Paws

Just like humans pets can also track a mess into your home. We suggest training your pet to sit patiently by the door until you have a chance to wipe their feet clean. You could also buy them special dog boots that will not only keep their feet clean outdoors but will also keep their paws safe and warm in the snow.

6. Tree Trays

If your family has a real Christmas tree make sure to purchase a very deep tree tray to place it in. This will hold more water and help prevent skills that could soak into your carpet or hardwood.

7. Adequate Surface Space

If you are hosting a party in your home be sure to setup extra tables and clear flat surfaces so that guest have plenty of space to put their plates and cups. This will help to reduce the chances of spills and accidents.

8. Clean Frequently

This tip might seem like a no-brainer but we suggest vacuuming and mopping slightly more often than you normally would. Despite all the other precautions that you’ve taken there will still be some dirt that makes its way into your home. Keeping up with cleaning, especially after an event, will help to ensure that your floors stay looking nice.

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If you take advantage of even a few of these great tips your floors will remain in great shape through the holiday’s season and beyond. Keep checking back for more great tips and tricks to help improve your home.

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