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Selecting the Right Shower Enclosure for Your Arlington Bathroom

Selecting the Right Shower Enclosure for Your Arlington Bathroom

When investing the money in a bathroom remodel for your Arlington home you want to ensure that you are making all the right material selections to keep your home not only looking beautiful, but easy to maintain as well. One decision that we often see homeowners struggle with is selecting between a frameless glass shower enclosure, a semi-frameless glass enclosure, or just sticking with a shower curtain. Below we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each option, to hopefully make your selection process a little bit easier.

Shower Curtains

If you have small children or just aren’t looking for anything super luxurious looking that you might just be happy with using a shower curtain as an enclosure for your shower. Here are some additional reasons why you might want to consider a shower curtain over a glass enclosure :

  • Shower curtains will give you more privacy, not only when you are using the shower but also when you have people over and you want to pull the curtain shut and hide away the view of the inside of your shower.
  • If you like to change to look and feel of your bathroom often having a shower curtain that you can swap out for a new look and feel is an easy and inexpensive way to update the space regularly.
  • While you will have to replace shower curtains frequently which is an expense, going with a shower curtain is less of an upfront expense.

Think you might just want to stick with a basic shower curtain? You can find endless styles and designs at most home good stores in Arlington or surrounding cities.


Glass Enclosures

If you are looking for a clean, modern appearance to match the current design of your Arlington home than a glass shower enclosure if definitely the way to go. They are a homeowner fan favorite for a few different reasons.

  • They make your bathroom feel larger than it is by allowing you to see through the enclosure, instead of blocking your line of sight.
  • You don’t have to replace a glass enclosure like you have to do with shower curtains, as glass has a high level of resistance to mold, mildew and scum – and can be cleaned with standard glass cleaners or squeegees.
  • They help keep the water in the shower, avoiding a potentially dangerous mess on the floor. Shower curtains can easily end up outside of the shower, leaking water onto the floor which could cause a slip hazard.

If you think you are leaning towards a glass enclosure over a shower curtain you will have 2 popular options to select from.


If your Arlington bathroom has a standard size shower and you are just looking for a basic enclosure that is a step up from a plain shower curtain we’d recommend going with a semi-frameless enclosure option. These glass doors are made with ¼” glass and have sliding doors. With this enclosure option, you won’t have the ability to customize them, aside from selecting from a clear glass design or falling lines. This being said, they are usually readily available and can be installed as soon as the rest of your bathroom model is complete with no wait time.


This enclosure option is made custom to fit your bathroom. You can opt to get your enclosure with a sliding door, which we find to be most popular as it takes up less space in your bathroom when getting in and out of the shower, or with a swinging door. Due to the custom nature of this product you are able to select the finishes and styles of the hardware, as well as make changes to the glass thickness. The enclosures do come standard with 3/8” tempered glass that is durable and very easy to maintain. Once your bathroom model is complete final measurements for the glass enclosure will be made and approximately 2 weeks later your custom frameless shower enclosure will be delivered and installed to your Arlington home.

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If you are ready to take your Arlington bathroom to the next level and add a little luxury please contact our team of experts to help you complete your project quickly and within budget.

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