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Tile That Looks Like Real Wood?

Tile That Looks Like Real Wood?

Who doesn’t like the look of beautiful hardwood floors? But you probably never thought that you’d actually be able to have them in your bathroom. We’re here to tell you that this is a dream that can come true. Wood look tile flooring has become one of the hottest trends in the flooring industry today. This genius innovation gives you the look you’ve been dreaming of, but with the durability you need in a bathroom.

What is faux wood tile?

As you might have guessed, faux wood tile is indeed a ceramic or porcelain tile that emulates real wood. In fact many of these products look so real that to the naked eye it is almost impossible to tell that you aren’t looking at real wood.

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Why will you love having faux wood tiles in your bathroom?


One of the biggest disadvantages of having hardwood flooring is that it can easily get scratched and damaged from constant traffic. Faux tile, on the other hand, are virtually scratch-proof.

Water Resistant

It’s no secret that wood and water aren’t a great combination. Tile is perfect for wet, moisture-prone areas due to its high resistance to water. Get the look of hardwood without worrying about damaging your beautiful floors.

Easy Maintenance

Compared to hardwood floors that require refinishing, resealing or refinishing on a regular basis, faux wood tile is almost maintenance free. All you’ll need to keep your faux tile floors in good shape is some basic tile cleaner.

It Will Save You Money

Real hardwood floors can be expensive to install and to upkeep. Depending on the brand and style of faux tile that you select they could only be a fraction of what you would spend on real hardwood. Get the look you love, for less money – which frees up some of your budget so that you can then put towards other great bathroom upgrades, like a steam shower or a floating vanity!

Unlimited Design Options

There is a vast select of wood look tile out on the market. Whether you prefer a contemporary, rustic, traditional or modern look there is a product available to make that happen. When you combine the style with the wide range of available colors and sizes, the design opportunities are almost endless.

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Love what you see? Jump on board with this rapidly growing trend and contact us to see how we can work this great new product into your bathroom remodel! And did we mention that this product would also be great in a kitchen or basement remodel as well?

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