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Wallpaper is Back & Better Than Ever!

Wallpaper is Back & Better Than Ever!

If you are like most, the word “wallpaper” is probably giving you flashbacks to the 1960’s and 1970’s when colorful flowers and fruit graced the walls of your grandparents’ houses. We promise you that wallpaper has come a long way since those days and it is quickly making a comeback in homes across America!

More Inventive Installations

Homeowners are no longer installing wallpaper on every wall of every room in their homes and they certainly aren’t into wallpaper boarders anymore either. Over the past few years designers have helped homeowners find creative ways to use wallpaper in their homes.

  • Ceilings – Ceilings are a great way to subtly add wallpaper to your room.
  • Closets – If you are nervous about trying wallpaper for the first time a closet is the perfect place to start. It is a small space and will most likely only seen by you.
  • Focus Walls – Consider putting wallpaper on the wall behind your bed, a wall with a fireplace or even a wall in your dining room. This will take a plain wall to the next level.
  • Power Rooms – Bathrooms are often on the smaller side and can often times be the most plain/boring rooms in the house. Adding some wallpaper will add interest to your home without needing to have it all over your house.

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More Modern Styles

The dated, slightly crazy wallpaper designs and patterns of the past have been long forgotten and designers have been hard at work creating new modern patterns with colors that are sure to be trending for years.

  • Better Colors – Metallic Silvers and golds, bold black and whites and bold colors are just a few of the colors that you will find mixed into new-aged wallpapers.
  • Fresh Patterns – Geometric prints are extremely hot right now and the look could never be achieved by just using paint. Patterns that bring the look of texture are also a hit in households right now – the look of distressed wood, brick patterns, and faux leathers.

More User-Friendly

Not only have wallpaper designs come a long way over the years but so have the materials themselves.

  • Easier to Hang and Remove – Over the years wallpaper has become much easier to hang and remove without damaging your walls. Some types of wallpaper are even made to be removed and used elsewhere making them reusable.
  • Environmentally Friendly Options – Nowadays many homeowners are environmentally conscious so selecting a wallpaper made from eco-wise materials might be a good fit for your home. There are even select wallpapers that have vinyl coatings that allow them to hold up to bathroom steam better and make it much easier to wipe off grease and dirt from them – allowing them to last longer than an average coat of paint might.

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If you are still unsure that wallpaper is the best fit for your remodeling project test the waters with a small space first. Our design team is happy to consult with you during your kitchen or bathroom remodel if you think that wallpaper might be a good fit for your project.

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