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Keep Your Grout Lines & Granite Looking Like New!

Keep Your Grout Lines & Granite Looking Like New!

You’ve just remodeled your kitchen or bathroom and you’re in love with the new look! Now comes the important part that most people forget about – keeping your new space looking fresh and clean. In order to keep your grout lines and granite looking as nice as the day they were installed you will want to mark your calendar and make sure to take time to clean and reseal your grout lines and granite every 1-3 years, depending on usage. Below are a few tips that will make the yearly maintenance quick and easy.


The more often you clean your grout the less time it will take you to perform the suggested maintenance. There are a lot of products on the market for this type of maintenance but we love Black Diamond’s Ultimate Grout Cleaner & Sealer

This great also includes a brush that makes it easy to get into the grout lines to get up set-in dirt. Take a look at the below video to get a detailed demonstration of how to best use these products to clean and seal your grout.

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While granite is beautiful, it can also be a bit pricey so you’ll want to ensure that you keep it looking its very best. We suggest cleaning and sealing your granite once a year. Both cleaners and sealers can be found at local hardware stores like Lowes and Home Depot but Amazon also has a nice selection of products as well. Our favorite is a granite cleaner and sealer all in one and is made by Black Diamond.

If your tile and granite are looking a bit dirty and dated and aren’t cleaning up nicely with the products that we mentioned about it might be time to consider an update to the space. Our team of design experts can help take your outdated kitchen and bathroom from old and dirty to something fresh and new.

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