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Kitchen Lighting Ideas You’ll Love in 2023

Among many other ways to make your kitchen look beautiful, lighting is one vital factor. If you plan to renovate your kitchen and give it a broader and more innovative look, keep scrolling and get the best lighting ideas to make your kitchen bright and spacious.

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Let’s get started to get to know about some creative lighting ideas for your kitchen.

1. Task Lighting

A kitchen is a place where you need ample light to see the tiniest particle that must not enter the food. For this, you need to brighten up areas that are usually dark. For example, under the cabinet area.

Your working shelf must have maximum light. The cabinets on the wall block the light coming from wall fixtures. For this, you can add task lights underneath the cabinets and get the best shadow-free light.

Source: Pinterest

2. Downlights

You can also add downlights in your kitchen. For example, you can add downlights just above the cabinets. It will brighten up the kitchen by reflecting the light from the cabinet. Also, it will illuminate the inside of the cabinet making it easier for you to find things.

Another good idea is to add the downlight inside the cabinet. With a glass door, this light illuminates the cabinet and also gives an innovative look to your kitchen.

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3. LED Panel Lights

LED panel light is a good source for brightening up your kitchen. It spreads uniform light all over the space. You can get recessed LED panel lights in variable shapes and sizes.

You can also design your false ceiling accordingly and adjust multiple panels in between. These anti-glare lights illuminate the whole space so well that you can create a day-like environment at night.

Source: Pinterest

4. Pendant Lights

There are countless beautiful and stylish pendant lights available in the market these days. It not only brightens up but also acts as a decorative fixture and beautifies your space.

You can select a beautiful and stylish pendant light. Hang it above your kitchen island and enjoy the artistic look of your kitchen.

Source: Pinterest

5. LED Strip Lights

These easy-to-fix lights are affordable yet they create a dramatic impact. You can add these strips in all the dark spaces where light doesn’t reach.

For example, you can add strip lights under the cabinets, all over the ceiling, and around the island. These lights highlight the cabinet area and add beauty to the design by creating a focal point.

Source: Pinterest

Final Thoughts

Lights can magically change the look of a place. So, choose the lights smartly while renovating your kitchen.

A small task light underneath the cabinet can create a tremendous change in the space. Similarly, a fashionable pendant light on the island can balance out the high ceiling of your kitchen.

Happy renovation with innovative lighting ideas!


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