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Why Bath + Kitchen designers love Bellmont Cabinetry

When you work with Bath + Kitchen on a kitchen remodel, you are sure to hear about Bellmont Cabinetry from our designers early on. Founded in 1988, Bellmont is a Bath + Kitchen favorite for several reasons. Their Euro-style, built-to-order frameless kitchen and bathroom cabinets are manufactured here in America to give you superior quality and lasting value. As one of the leading providers of frameless cabinetry nationwide, Bellmont Cabinetry offers quality products that are reasonably priced yet luxurious. Here are some things our designers and clients love about them:

  • They offer lovely and expansive frameless and full-access cabinet choices.
  • Their 1300, 1600, 1900, and VERO product collections offer cabinetry at a number of price-points.
  • They pay shut consideration to market traits and respond accordingly.
  • They offer veneers, laminates, foils, thermal surfaces, and high-gloss merchandise.
  • They have been household-owned for over 35 years.
  • They are dedicated to sustainability. They believe that operating sustainably is the right thing to do for today and future generations. They are a certified member of the Environmental Stewardship Program, administered by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association.

In addition to incredible quality that helps us delight our customers every single time, we appreciate Bellmont’s integrity and commitment to delivering on their promises. Founder Steve Bell shares his story in this video, offering insights into the company’s history and his commitment to the people he works with. Watch to learn about the remarkable story and people behind this top-rated cabinetry manufacturer:

Why does choosing a good cabinetry manufacturer matter? For one, cabinetry has a major role to play in defining both the aesthetic and functionality of your kitchen or bathroom. That’s why, when our clients are planning a kitchen remodel, we always emphasize the importance of choosing the right cabinetry. We recommend considering several important factors such as:

  • The style of kitchen you have decided on, e.g., Traditional, Modern, Contemporary, Rustic, etc.
  • The trim and moldings currently throughout your home
  • The cabinet door styles throughout the rest of your home. Unless you are remodeling your entire home, you might want to keep the look consistent.
  • The details and accessories you are considering, such as glass inserts, beadboard, specific knobs, or pulls.

In this blog, we’re going to take you through what Bellmont has to offer, focusing on their various cabinetry lines. Before we dive in, however, we would like to show you the difference between framed and frameless cabinetry. We believe this is the first decision you will need to take when selecting new cabinetry – framed or frameless. Here’s what we mean: Framed cabinetry – In this style of cabinetry, the door hinges are attached directly to the frame. This helps give the cabinet strength and sturdiness. Rails and stiles are used to create a face frame, similar to a picture frame. They offer flexibility with adjustable shelves and the option to use many different types of doors. They work well with a more traditional style

Flush inset cabinetry in a kitchen remodel by Bath + Kitchen

Frameless cabinetry – Door hinges are secured directly to the inside of the box, instead of onto a frame. Once installed, all you will see are the flat door and drawer fronts. They work well with a more contemporary style, offering a sleek, simple aesthetic. Many homeowners today choose frameless cabinetry for two key reasons – the cleaner look and the better accessibility and space. In Bellmont’s words, “the full-overlay, flush-fitting doors and drawers offer unobstructed interior access, giving you more storage space and organizing options than traditional face frame cabinets.”

Bath + Kitchen’s Eric Shipe demonstrates the difference between framed and frameless cabinetry in this video:

Bellmont believes in the Frameless Advantage. They specialize in frameless cabinetry, which Bath + Kitchen’s designers love because it allows them to create beautiful, sleek kitchens that wow our clients. But perhaps an even bigger reason our designers look forward to working with Bellmont cabinetry is the vast range of options. They provide endless versatility and selection to express personal taste and style.

Bellmont offers stunning laminates, painted cabinets, and a number of wood species with lots of stains. They blend hands-on craftsmanship with state-of-the-art machinery to produce deep, consistent color and a smooth, long-lasting finish. This gives our kitchen designers a myriad of ways to bring to life their best ideas!

If you’d like to explore Bellmont’s numerous finishes, visit this page to browse by series:

Apart from colors and finishes, there are other factors that differentiate the cabinetry lines from one another. To explain, we’ll breakdown the 1300, 1600, 1900, and VERO cabinetry series by Bellmont. Keep reading to get an idea of which ones would work best for you.

1. The 1300 Series: On Time, On Trend, On Budget

This cabinetry line has one top priority – meeting your requirements on time, under budget. The 1300 series is Bellmont’s newest and most affordable kitchen and bathroom cabinetry line. Without compromising on quality, it gives you options that will suit your budget and timeline. Because Bellmont sources and assembles this series using domestic and European stocked products, these cabinets can ship 50% faster. Rest assured that this cutting down on time doesn’t mean cutting corners when it comes to performance. The 1300 series’ all-white melamine box is completely banded, has powder-coated steel, full-extension drawers with soft-close undermount guides, and 66-lb load capacity, as well as adjustable soft-close hinges.

Another reason to choose this series is sustainability – each door is made from approximately 25 recycled water bottles!

See door styles | View room gallery

2. The 1600 Series: Form, Function & Value

For clients looking for another budget-smart option, Bellmont’s 1600 series is a great choice. It offers superior construction and lasting value. This line is easy to custom-fit your home and budget.

As with all of Bellmont’s cabinetry, style and quality are not compromised here. In terms of function, you will find full-extension wood and metal drawers and roll-outs that feature soft-close undermount guides and drilled-in bumpers for whisper-quiet closing. You also get ample space, easy interior access, and more organizing options, all supported by a hardy, 75-lb load capacity.

See door styles | View room gallery | View finish gallery

3. The 1900 Series: Endless Style & Options

This series offers the widest array of door styles, materials, finish options, and features. It can be a good choice for modern, contemporary, traditional, and transitional kitchens. This series has over 60 door styles, so chances are you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here.

Something interesting about this series is the progressive metal frame doors, which unlock a multitude of design possibilities. You can choose modern accents such as back-painted, clean, satin etched, or mirrored glass for an elegant touch.

Apart from style, it’s essential to think about convenience. This usually means getting your storage right. The 1900 series gives you the option to upgrade to Blum’s LEGRABOX drawers.  These drawers are linear, sleek, and slim, offering excellent performance and elegance. They use a new runner system that’s designed to deliver a superior quality of motion. Learn more about it here.

See door styles | View room gallery | View finish gallery

4. The VERO Series: True Euro Design

When you explore the Bellmont VERO series, you may be able to identify its inspiration – Italian minimalist design. It uses Blum’s LEGRABOX drawers exclusively. The Linear Rail Technology creates a slender, unseen channel for easy access to drawers and a clean, crisp appearance. Because this system works so perfectly, you won’t need to add handles or hardware for functionality. This can elevate the efficiency of your kitchen.

These frameless cabinets are precision-cut to give you straight lines, minimal gaps, and pleasing geometric patterns, providing smooth visual transitions between materials and color palettes. With all the style options available, you’re sure to find the door and finish to suit your personal taste.

Both the 1900 and VERO series offer tall cabinets with adjustable roll-outs. Here’s how they work:

To sum up, 1600 is a semi-custom line, 1900 is full custom, and VERO is a handless European style. For a series comparison, take a look at this 1600, 1900 and Vero brochure.

See door styles | View room gallery | View finish gallery

Each of these cabinetry lines has something unique to offer. They are created around concepts that designers and homeowners will find relevant, including sustainability, different budgets, kitchen styles and trends, and world-class design.

Why Bellmont

Whether you’re looking to give your existing kitchen a facelift or are finally creating the kitchen of your dreams, you will find what you’re looking for with Bellmont. One reason is that Bellmont understands that cabinetry is, as Design Consultant John Brush explains in the video below, an element of self-expression; it is no longer just basic storage. They seek to bring value to their customers, which helps us serve our customers better. Their vision for cabinetry was ahead of its time, and they remain committed to delivering top quality and impeccable designs.

In addition to offering an incredible variety of high-quality products, Bellmont cabinetry has many characteristics that make it an exceptional choice for us and our clients. For anyone
considering Bellmont, here are some things we like to mention:

1. Made to be durable and easy-to-clean
The laminates are created using European thermo-structure surface (TSS) technology, they’re made in Italy. They’re very well made, durable, and easy to clean.

2. With Bellmont, Bath + Kitchen delivers elegant cabinetry for any kitchen style
Perfect if you want 2-tone kitchen cabinetry, an increasingly popular look. You could mix the finishes of the base and wall cabinets.

3. Great value/best price in the industry
You’d pay 30 to 40% more for the same thing in terms of quality, finish, and durability from import cabinet lines. Choosing one of the laminates in the collections listed below can mean cost savings, depending on the laminate. Some laminate collections you may like to explore, priced from low to high:
Soft-Touch Laminate
Synchro (same price as painted cabinetry)

4. True Euro Design
This is what defines the VERO Series, inspired by Italian minimalist design. Bellmont blends elegant efficiency with subtle sophistication. Here, for example, the absence of handles creates clean lines and smooth transitions between materials to bring a calm, soothing feel with effortless style.

Vero series coplanar sliding doors

5. Customization
Bellmont makes it easy to design personalized spaces with creative storage solutions. Hands-free drawers, pull-out pantries, tilt-up doors, soft-close hardware, and other unique features make the kitchen more comfortable, convenient, and fun to use.

We love that Bellmont prioritizes thoughtful design. Details matter to them. Their cabinet lines are designed with the idea that every kitchen should have unique features that the homeowners recognize as personal or special.

6. Antibacterial surfaces
Bellmont’s textured laminates & soft-touch laminates are now produced with antibacterial properties that use silver ions in the decorative layer to attract bacteria and block their cells reproduction to prevent unpleasant outbreaks. Most of us are paying extra attention to disinfecting surfaces now, and having antibacterial surfaces can make it easier to accomplish this. Bellmont uses an antibacterial treatment that reduces the surfaces’ bacterial load by up to 99.9% within 24 hours. That means that these treated surfaces will ease your mind and simplify your efforts to protect your home and health.

7. Innovative design
Bellmont offers innovative solutions to typical cabinetry problems. One example is the one-piece painted door, which is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for classic white painted cabinetry with a shaker-style door or cabinetry in a transitional style. Traditional manufacturing is a stile and rail, resulting in a joint at the seams. Because wood expands and contracts over time, these joints open, resulting in a hairline fracture in the painted finish. Instead, Bellmont uses solid slabs of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) to create a door that will remain flat on the back and styled on the front permanently. In this video, Bellmont features the 1600 Series Intro/Retro Door and the 1900 Series Coronado Door.

Another great example of innovative design is Bellmont’s wall bi-fold tilt up door, which opens up smoothly at the push of a button:

Need touch to open and close wall cabinets and trash/recycle cabinets? Check out Bellmont’s Vero Legra Base Recycle Servo Drive. See how it can work hand-free when you’re cleaning up, allowing you to work faster and more efficiently.

Bellmont also offers three types of wall lift up cabinets:

1. Lift Over Top. A feature worth noting: VERO’s wall cabinets have a finger cove
that makes this possible:

2. Lift Up Door. See how it can make working in the kitchen much easier:

3. Tilt Up Door. Watch to see how practical and easy-to-use this type of door is:

To help maximize storage space with an efficient design, Bellmont offers molded fillers. Because it is easy to install these fillers flush with the cabinet doors, they will give you a consistent look. One unique feature here is the recessed bottom, which allows you to shorten the box, maintain the full height of the door, and use under cabinet lighting without losing any counter-to-cabinet bottom height.

Bath + Kitchen designer favorites

If you’re planning to get new cabinetry, here is some inspiration to help you get started. Our designers love these options from Bellmont for their versatility, quality, and timelessness.

1. Firma, 1600 Series – Contemporary, flat panel door style with textured laminate and vertical grain. It uses thermally structured surfaces (TSS). Designed to replicate real organic colors and patterns, TSS are bonded to a substrate with heat and pressure using a textured steel plate. The result is a durable tactile surface with greater color uniformity and ease of maintenance compared to natural hardwood. Featured here is ‘Lodge’ from the Synchro Collection.

2. Terra, 1600 Series – Contemporary, flat panel door style with textured laminate and vertical grain. Like Firma, the Terra range uses TSS to replicate real organic structures and patterns. Featured here is ‘Stone’ from the Albero Collection.

3. Matisse, 1600 and 1900 Series – Transitional door style with a slim 1/2″ frame and solid one-piece construction. It is available in both the 1600 Series and 1900 Series. Featured here is the door in ‘Alabaster’ paint.

4. Porta,1600 Series – Contemporary, flat panel door style with gloss or matte laminate. Featured here is ‘Mocaccino Glass’ from the Solido Collection.Porta,1600 Series – Contemporary, flat panel door style with gloss or matte laminate. Featured here is ‘Mocaccino Glass’ from the Solido Collection.

5. Modena,1600 Series – Contemporary, flat panel door style with soft-touch laminate and horizontal grain. Soft-touch laminate is soft and silky to the touch, with scratch and fingerprint-resistant properties. These durable matte laminates are manufactured using a sophisticated coating process, making them a perfect low-maintenance alternative to real Oak or Walnut veneers. Featured here is ‘Grano’ from the Velluto Collection.

6. Pisa, 1900 Series – Contemporary, flat panel door style with soft-touch laminate and vertical grain. It is only available with the 1900 Series, which means a higher cost than the 1600 Series. This is because it offers a grain match. To learn more about what makes Bellmont’s soft-touch laminate special, refer to the previous point on Moderna. Featured here is ‘Noce’ from the Velluto Collection.

7. Evoke, 1600 Series – 2.5″ shaker-inspired door style with a styled drawer front. Solid one-piece construction eliminates joint seams for paint finish stability. As explained earlier in this blog (see point on ‘Innovative Design’) this door’s solid one-piece construction eliminates joint seams for paint finish stability. Featured here is this door style in a ‘Silverplate’ paint finish.

8. Cezanne, 1900 Series – Transitional door style with a slim 1/2″ frame and horizontal grain direction. Featured here is a Walnut door in Bellmont’s ‘Natural’ stain

9. Cove, 1900 Series – Contemporary, flat panel door style with paint finish and machined finger cove. Featured here is a door in this style, in Bellmont’s ‘Pepper’ paint.

10. Alba, VERO Series – Contemporary, flat panel door style with prefinished wood veneer and horizontal grain. Featured here is ‘Cork’ from the Natura Collection, made with prefinished wood veneer. These sturdy panels offer the same lively appearance and benefits of traditional hardwood panels. Here, advanced European mix-match and varnishing technologies are used to create a high-quality low-sheen material ideal for European inspired designs.

11. Madrid, VERO Series – Contemporary, flat panel door style with wood veneer and horizontal grain. Featured here is a Cherry door in this style, with Bellmont’s beautiful, vibrant ‘Sienna’ stain.

12. Chesterfield, 1900 Series – Transitional door style with 3″ stile & rail construction, 1/4″ recessed center panel, and chamfered inside edge. It is available in a wide range of options, including paint and paint with glaze. Featured here is this door style in ‘Aqua’ paint.

13. Frame, 1300 Series – This is a wonderful choice from Bellmont’s newest and most affordable cabinetry line. It is a 2.5″ shaker-inspired door style with styled drawer fronts taller than 5″. Something interesting about them is they are manufactured using 100% recycled PET film, which starts as discarded plastic water bottles. This is a great choice for anyone looking for more sustainable, eco-friendly options. They have an MDF core. Featured here is the Frame style in Matte White.

While custom cabinetry can feel out of reach, it becomes easy when you come to Bath+Kitchen. You can personalize your space, working closely with us to plan creative storage solutions that suit your family’s requirements. Our design experts will take you through different features that will make your kitchen serve you better, helping you zero in on the Bellmont options that would work best for you.

At Bath + Kitchen, we are highly selective about the cabinet manufacturers we work with, because cabinetry is at the heart of all we do. We hope this overview of Bellmont’s cabinetry shows you why they are a top choice for Bath + Kitchen – for our designers and clients alike. Our goal is to deliver cabinetry that is made to perfection, so each of our clients can have the kitchen of their dreams, and Bellmont continues to help us accomplish that with timeless designs and durability.

Ready to discuss your remodel or cabinetry requirements? Learn about our consultation process and get in touch with us here.

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