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Why Bath Plus Kitchen designers love Nobilia

How Nobilia helps Bath Plus Kitchen create beautiful, world-class kitchens that delight our customers.

Bath Plus Kitchen is now bringing Nobilia cabinets to kitchens in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC, and our designers are thrilled to explore the possibilities! Nobilia comes with a history of excellence spanning over 70 years. It is the world’s largest cabinetry manufacturer, with two factories in Germany, each approximately 1 km long. Nobilia launched in North America about a year ago, and we’re happy to share their exquisite work with our clients!

Take a tour of Nobilia’s virtual showroom to see their every-growing collection. You can even view their “Open House” – a full 45-min tour of their showroom. To watch, register with your name and email.


What you get with Nobilia cabinetry 

While they don’t do custom sizing, they offer stock to semi-custom lines. Even without full-custom cabinetry, their range of options is so vast that you’re sure to find cabinetry that suits your kitchen’s aesthetic. Also, one major advantage of stock to semi-custom lines is they keep the cabinets affordable.

Why our designers love it

1. Everything is tested.

Testing is extremely important to Nobilia. Their goal is to ensure that their quality is consistent and perceptible in every Nobilia kitchen. Their sophisticated control system involves testing stations and covers all process steps, from receipt of goods to production to delivery. In addition to these measures, up to 21 complete fitted kitchens are put through the paces of a quality audit every day. Through this testing process, Nobilia is able to ensure that the furniture, components, and materials are all fit for a minimum service life of 15 years. Their approach has earned them awards and quality seals from multiple independent testing institutes such as the GS quality seal for tested safety and the ‘Golden M’. To get a sense of the quality and innovation you can expect from Nobilia, take a look at some of their work:

2. Energy and environment are integral to their production

Nobilia’s strict policies extend beyond just quality – environment and energy have been core to their company philosophy from the start. Every single Nobilia kitchen meets stringent international quality, environment, and energy guidelines. They also take measures such as:

  • Controlled cultivation
  • Planting trees
  • Minimizing off-cuts, where they use whatever off-cuts they do have for heating

For many homeowners today, energy and environment are important considerations. Nobilia’s company philosophy aligns perfectly with those values, giving our clients more reason to choose them.

3. Perfect if you’re looking for a complete kitchen style upgrade

Nobilia is always on top of the trends and very in-tune with what homeowners want from their kitchen in terms of functionality and style. With their cabinetry, you will find modern and contemporary options with transitional highlights.

Designer kitchen – TOUCH 340, Black Supermatt 

To go with their sophisticated cabinetry, you can find a variety of stylish laminate countertops and backsplashes, or ‘Niche cladding’. These are made to complete the look of your kitchen, with 24 different digitally-printed motifs to suit your personal style. In addition to typical kitchen motifs, you will find tiles, mosaic, and stone wall décors or motifs with an industrial feel.
Tip: Coordinate the motifs in the 6 different base colors Nobilia offers, creating a perfect color match with the fronts and accent colors of the kitchen.

Lighting plays a big role in a kitchen upgrade, and Nobilia creates some gorgeous options that will showcase the beauty of your new cabinetry and countertops. You can choose integrated lighting that’s routed into the bottom of wall cabinets, for example, or lighting for the top channel of handless designs. Lighting can be changed from warm white to cool white and can be dimmed, as Bath Plus Kitchen’s Eric Shipe demonstrates below:

3.  Ahead of the trends
Nobilia’s experts are on top of what homeowners want today as well as what they’re going to want tomorrow. Their new features for 2021 focus on trending décors, a wide variety of planning options, an unmistakable and holistic line layout, and innovative quality improvements. Their goal is to enrich their customers’ quality of life and inspire them. They’re continually working on new ways to do that, which you can see on their ‘new kitchen features’ page. With Nobilia, there’s no shortage of new planning and design options as well as surprising ideas, all of which make life in the kitchen more customized and convenient!

4.  Beautifully-designed fronts
If you’re having trouble settling on the right aesthetic for your kitchen, one of these elegant fronts could be it:

a) Warm concrete shade – These fronts are meeting customers’ desire for naturalness. If you’re wondering why, you can learn about it in our blog, ‘2021 kitchen design trends to inspire your next remodel’, where we explain why people are looking to connect with nature and incorporate more organic materials and textures into their interiors. Going for a color or texture that feels more in touch with nature is calming and can help you de-stress, which is something a lot of us would welcome after facing many unprecedented challenges recently, last year in particular.


b) Elegant wood appearance – Another option very clearly in alignment with the naturalness trend is Nobilia’s new walnut décor. It is elegant and can be paired with a sophisticated matte black carcass.


c) Soft white – Nobilia’s best-selling shade of alpine white expresses optimism for a bright future, which can put you and your family in a great frame of mind. The EASYTOUCH surface has an anti-fingerprinting coating to keep your kitchen looking pristine.


d) Subtle sand hue – If you love light, natural colors but want something warmer than white, Nobilia’s sand shade with anti-fingerprinting coating is a great choice.


e) More cosiness – A minimalist look inspired by Scandinavian style and cottage style. It comes with a new framed door in a white, genuine lacquer design to create comfort that’s familiar yet fresh.


f) Glass appearance with wow effect – These fronts and panels are part of the ARTIS line. Because this line is made of polymer glass, it offers a virtually unlimited range of products. What makes this satin matte-finish glass appearance so special? It’s the ability it has to achieve a stunning depth effect that sets the scene for exquisite designs in kitchens as well as in other rooms of your home.


5. Easily-personalized with a vast range of combination options 

Nobilia wants to enable customers to “work more beautifully” with its selection of worktops that offer 4 new décors, pictured below.

Especially interesting is their Xtra worktops’ new, innovative feature: beginning in 2021, all 38 mm thick Xtra worktops will come standard-coated with the antibacterial microPLUS® surface.

Nobilia leaves no detail forgotten, introducing a beautiful new selection of handles to bring you even more choice.

Similarly, with highlights for niches, Nobilia has 7 new motifs, each capable of inspiring great creativity in any kitchen design team.

6.  Creative freedom with new flexible height systems

We hope you’re enjoying getting to know Nobilia’s many design options! This variety is just one way they help kitchen design teams like ours get creative; they also have a new flexible height system, shown below, that enables made-to-measure kitchen design.

Why does this flexible system work?
It’s because kitchen buyers today want flexibility, individuality, and storage space. With three full-size base unit heights and one mini height, Nobilia can give them that. It adapts the kitchen design to the user’s individual requirements, making it comfortable to carry out key tasks in the kitchen such as meal preparation, cooking, and washing dishes.

When you add Nobilia’s tables to the mix, you get even more flexibility and room for creativity. For example, they make a height-adjustable table sled frame in steel that serves as “a worktop end of run for island designs”.

7. Innovation to improve all aspects of the kitchen experience 

Nobilia’s wide range of options helps us give our clients new and innovative suggestions to create the experience they’re looking for. They also go the extra mile with their accessories, including base unit accessories, sink unit accessories, and waste collector. They provide quality options for every part of the kitchen, including the kitchen sink!

Bath Plus Kitchen – working with the best to bring you the best

At Bath Plus Kitchen, we work with manufacturers who share our interest in quality, customizable design, great value, and environmental impact. We love creating kitchens that will serve our clients for years, while looking stunning. That’s why cabinetry manufacturers such as Bellmont and Nobilia make sense to us and to our clients. If you’d like to learn how we can help bring Nobilia’s beautiful designs to your kitchen, get in touch with us today.

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