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Custom Cabinets in Kent, DC

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Remodeling a kitchen is no small task. You have a ton of choices to make, including choosing the floor materials, backsplash, and lighting setup. Of course, no kitchen remodel would be complete without selecting an all-new set of cabinetry. Cabinets can make or break your kitchen, since they are going to be one of the first features you notice as you enter the room. Color is certainly important and may be one of your deciding factors when selecting new cabinetry. However, you must not forget about size and style, as well. You really must consider every detail.

At Bath Plus Kitchen, we offer customers a range of custom cabinetry options for their kitchen renovation projects. Just about every cabinet selection you can find in our custom section can be modified to suit your kitchen.

Let’s now explore some of our available custom cabinetry in Kent, DC.

Plain & Fancy Cabinetry

If it’s custom cabinetry you’re after, you cannot go wrong with cabinets from Plain & Fancy. Once we measure the cabinet spaces of your new kitchen and you select the type of cabinets you want, your Plain & Fancy cabinets will be constructed and sanded by hand according to the exact specifications of your project. That way, you get exactly what you want instead of having to select from standard cabinets made for a mass audience.

Bellmont Cabinets

The other major manufacturer of kitchen cabinetry we install is Bellmont. This company is unique in that it proudly touts itself as being 100 percent dedicated to frameless cabinetry that is built to order. Additionally, their products are manufactured in the United States to guarantee quality that lasts many years. Customers can select from three product series: 1600, 1900, and Vero, the cabinets of which are priced differently to cater to customers with different budgets. Bellmont also works to make all kinds of customers happy by keeping more than 16 wood species and veneers in stock. Whatever color, style, look, and size of cabinet you need, Bellmont’s custom cabinetry will fit into your plans. That’s why we are proud to install Bellmont cabinetry as part of our kitchen remodels.

All the cabinet choices you have when you work with Bath Plus Kitchen are great indicators of the overall experience of remodeling your kitchen with us. While we will propose our own vision of your new kitchen to you, the choices are ultimately yours. We can help make your dream kitchen a reality by providing you with top-quality custom cabinetry in Kent, DC.

Styles of Kitchen Design

It is worth noting here, since you are redesigning your entire kitchen from the ground up with custom cabinetry, that you have the option of giving your room one of three major types of looks that are popular now: traditional, traditional, or transitional. What does each of these mean?


Traditional rooms showcase the pinnacle of luxury. The colors and furniture evoke European rooms of the 17th and 18th centuries. Shapes are curved, colors are rich, and everything simply appears elegant. In the kitchen, your cabinet hardware will be ornate, your cabinetry will be unusually fancy, and any island you have will seem to be a piece of classical furniture. The traditional style of room design is not for everyone, but when done correctly, it lends a unique air to any remodel.


Transitional-style rooms, meanwhile, incorporate elements of both traditional and modern looks. Traditional curves will blend with the straighter lines of modern design. Colors are a bit more varied while staying mostly neutral and not too bold. However, the furniture remains comfortable and inviting. Transitional kitchen cabinets might feature crown molding and darker colors to go along with more modern light-colored countertops.


Modern rooms contrast sharply with the darker, richer looks of traditional and transitional spaces. A modern kitchen might feature stainless steel countertops, range hood, and appliances. The customized cabinets often extend directly to the ceiling to create clean, sharp, crisp looks along the walls. Cabinet hardware is ultra-modern, lines are sharp, and lighting is typically recessed. There are certainly large audiences that enjoy this type of style in their home. The modern look presents the best of both technology and functionality.


Get Started with Custom Cabinetry in Kent, DC

At Bath Plus Kitchen, we listen to your ideas for your kitchen and perform the work accordingly.

Call us at 703-755-0479 to schedule an appointment for us to check out your project, or use our online contact form. Our goal is to make our customers happy in their luxurious new kitchens. Let us help you transform yours.

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