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Elevate Your Kitchen: Discover the Ideal Sink from BLANCO, Allora, and Kohler

Welcome to the realm where functionality meets elegance in kitchen design. Here, we explore the distinct qualities of BLANCO, Allora, and Kohler sinks, each offering unique advantages for your kitchen.

BLANCO DIAMOND Super Single - A Synthesis of Durability and Style

The BLANCO DIAMOND Super Single Sink, crafted from SILGRANIT, combines strength with a sophisticated look. Resistant to heat, scratches, and impact, this sink is perfect for busy kitchens. Discover more about BLANCO DIAMOND Super Single.

Allora Undermount Sinks - Customizable Elegance

Allora sinks offer a range of sizes, corner styles, and the option of a double bowl, fitting various kitchen styles and needs. Explore Allora Undermount Sinks.

Kohler Whitehaven - The Quintessence of Farmhouse Chic

Kohler’s Whitehaven sink, with its large basin and enameled cast iron construction, offers durability and a timeless farmhouse look. Its Self-Trimming® design makes installation effortless. Learn about Kohler Whitehaven.

NEKA Custom Stone Sinks - Seamlessly Sophisticated

NEKA elevates kitchens with custom stone sinks made from countertop materials, ensuring a seamless and luxurious finish. NEKA is renowned for its quality craftsmanship and innovative stone finishes.

Below is the updated list of in stock sinks. The minimum cabinet size and dimensions for each sink are noted. If you’d like to do a sink not in this list, we can certainly do that for you.

BLANCO Single Bowl Kitchen Undermount Sinks:

Minimum cabinet width for these Blanco sinks is 36” sink dimensions are 36” x 18”.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Undermount Sinks:
  • KSN-3018-9-S: Min. Cab. 33″ | 30″x18″
  • KSN-3118-9-D: Min. Cab. 33″ | 31″x18″
  • KSN-2318-9-S: Min. Cab. 24″ | 23″x18″
  • KSN-2321-9-S: Min. Cab. 24″ | 23″x21″
  • KH-3318-10-S-R15: Min. Cab. 36″ | 33″x18″
  • KH-3018-10-S-R15: Min. Cab. 33″ | 30″x18″
  • KH-2718-10-S-R15: Min. Cab. 30″ | 27″x18″
  • KH-2318-10-S-R15: Min. Cab. 24″ | 23″x18″
Wet Bar & Laundry Undermount Sinks:
  • KH-1717-10-S-R15: Min. Cab. 21″ | 17″x17″
  • KSN-2016-9-S: Min. Cab. 21″ | 20″x16″
  • KSN-1616-8-S: Min. Cab. 33″ | 16″x16″
Bathroom Undermount Sinks:
  • CMI 561-0409: Min. Cab. Size Not Specified | 17″x14″
  • CMI 561-8826: Min. Cab. Size Not Specified | 17″x13″
Farmer Sinks:
  • K-6489-0: Min. Cab. 37″ | 35″x21″ (Kohler’s Whitehaven is also available in various heights, styles in finishes)
  • K-5415-NA: Min. Cab. Size Not Specified | 35.5″x21 1/4″

For the custom stone sink, the dimensions are provided, but not the model number or minimum cabinet size:

  • Custom Stone Sink: Dimensions Specified | Min. Cab. Size Not Specified


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