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Navigating the Complexities of Renovating an Old Bathroom: Insights from Bath + Kitchen

Renovating an old bathroom presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. At Bath + Kitchen, we understand that blending the charm of the past with modern conveniences is crucial. In this post, we’ll share insights into making the most of your old bathroom renovation.

Understanding Storage and Counterspace Needs

The choice of sink and vanity is critical in old bathrooms, especially where space is at a premium. A pedestal sink, for instance, offers a classic look but limited storage, while a traditional vanity provides both counterspace and storage​​.

Upgrading to Modern Plumbing and Fixtures

Old bathrooms can benefit significantly from modern plumbing advancements. Features like water-saving toilets, self-cleaning systems, and efficient flushing mechanisms can add both functionality and value to your bathroom​​.

Importance of Lighting

Good lighting is essential. Apart from ceiling lights, consider task lighting at eye level around mirrors for a more flattering and practical lighting solution​​.

Material Choices - Durability and Aesthetics

Porcelain tiles are a practical choice for old bathrooms, offering durability, ease of maintenance, and a variety of design options that mimic natural stone or even wood floors​​.

Safety Considerations - Non-Slick Surfaces

Safety is paramount in bathroom design. Choose floor tiles with textured surfaces or matte finishes to reduce slipping hazards​​.

Creative Space Utilization

Don’t overlook unused spaces like attics for bathroom expansions. These areas can provide valuable additional space, enhancing both functionality and property value​​.

Addressing Structural and Contaminant Issues

Older bathrooms often have structural concerns or hazardous materials like asbestos. A professional approach to these issues is essential to ensure safety and compliance with current regulations​​.

Blending Old Charm with Modern Functionality

The key to a successful old bathroom renovation is balancing historical charm with modern functionality. This can involve choosing materials and fixtures that respect the home’s original style while upgrading essential services like plumbing and electrical systems​​.


Renovating an old bathroom requires careful planning, a deep understanding of the property’s unique characteristics, and a blend of traditional and contemporary design elements. At Bath + Kitchen, we specialize in bringing these spaces to life, respecting their history while ensuring they meet the needs of modern living. Contact us for expert guidance on your next bathroom renovation project.


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