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How To Save Big On Plain & Fancy Cabinetry

How To Save Big On Plain & Fancy Cabinetry

Plain & Fancy Cabinets is celebrating March Madness by offering the highest-quality Pennsylvania Dutch cabinetry available with some great deals on kitchen cabinet sales.  Bath Plus Kitchen if excited to offer remarkable Plain and Fancy kitchen cabinets for sale.  Above all,  the offer expires 4/25/19.

Plain & Fancy Cabinetry is offering *three* kitchen cabinets for sale. Choose which sales works best for your kitchen remodel: 1) 50% off all in-house doors and drawers, or 2) 50% off inset doors and drawers up-charge, or 3) a White Cabinets for  sale* featuring 50% off selected white finishes, along with their most popular finishes (more details below!).

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Now is a great time to take advantage of this kitchen cabinet sale to experience unsurpassed quality and luxury from Plain and Fancy Cabinets. If high-end kitchens are what you want, nobody delivers like Plain & Fancy Cabinets. This limited-time offer is your chance to have the kitchen of your dreams, or help someone else with their dream kitchen if you’re a contractor or designer.

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You won’t find many cabinets like these, and you won’t find many opportunities like this one, either.

Plain & Fancy Kitchen

Plain & Fancy – Love Your Cabinets

If you’re designing a high-end kitchen or planning a kitchen remodel, nothing says quality and attention to detail like handmade luxury cabinets. Cabinets are the most important element in any kitchen, and getting them right is crucial for ensuring your kitchen is everything you want it to be. You can’t go wrong with the legendary Pennsylvania Dutch quality, and these cabinets are made using the perfect blend of old-world craftsmanship and innovative technology for perfect fit and finish every time.

The Plain & Fancy Story

Plain & Fancy Cabinetry started 50 years ago in a Richland, PA, garage, and has grown to employ a team of over 120 craftspeople, engineers, and customer service representatives dedicated to producing the best cabinets anywhere. The founder, John Achey, took his passion for cabinetry to its fullest potential – he’s a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association Hall of Fame, and Plain and Fancy Cabinets has remained a family business to this day. They still build cabinets the Achey way, and it shows in their reputation for stellar quality and fit.

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If you’re looking for traditional, transitional, or contemporary designs of unsurpassed quality, these are your cabinets, and with this great kitchen cabinet sale, now is the time to act.

Plain & Fancy Kitchen

Plain & Fancy Cabinets are Feature-Packed

Plain & Fancy Cabinetry doesn’t cut corners, and the results are amazing. These great cabinets are loaded with quality features you really must experience to appreciate.

Hand-applied finishes: Plain & Fancy Cabinets finishes all their doors, drawers, and panels by hand. All are meticulously hand sanded one at a time and finished flat for maximum coverage. All their finishes get two primer coats plus an extra-durable enamel coat for a finish you won’t often see on kitchen cabinets, and they can custom match any color you like to make your cabinets the perfect addition to your décor.

This is high quality workmanship of the best kind, and with 50% off selected finishes, it’s time to get Plain & Fancy Cabinets.

Beautiful fit, every time: These cabinets are renowned for their fit, and that’s no accident. All sanding and fitting is done by hand, and all parts are match marked so they look as great in your home as they do on the shop floor.

Experience the fit yourself with 50% off up-charge on inset doors and drawers for a limited time – you’ll be glad you did.

Old Style Kitchen

Quality construction: Plain & Fancy Cabinetry uses time-tested construction techniques to build a lifetime of worry-free enjoyment into every cabinet they make. No glue-and-nail joints here: only mortise and tenon joints, dados, and dovetail joints will do for this level of quality. All cabinet bottoms and backs are fully-captured, and all cabinets come standard with full tops and finished sides.

Veneers, hardwoods, and foils: Modern kitchen cabinets for sale.  Plain & Fancy Cabinets uses only top-quality hardwood veneers, many from their home state of Pennsylvania. If that’s not your style, you can opt for European styles in laminates, foils, acrylics, and glass.

Full customization: If you want full-custom kitchen cabinets, Plain & Fancy Cabinets is what you want. They can build whatever you can design – literally anything. They also offer finished interiors that are really popular with those looking for a way to add accent colors; these really do give custom cabinets a unique feel and appearance. Choose beaded backs, sides, or interiors along with unlimited door and drawer options for a truly unique and personal design.

Get Your Plain & Fancy Catalog

Only the best hardware, accessories and lighting: Plain & Fancy Cabinetry installs only the finest hardware, ensuring you’ll never have to think about it again. They offer a variety of interior storage solutions that’ll fit whatever your needs may be, making organizing cutlery, spices, and all your kitchen necessities easy and efficient. Plain and Fancy Cabinets is also a leading innovator in LED lighting. They offer the highest-quality lighting available anywhere for taking your cabinet design over the top.

Kitchen cabinets for sale

Now Is the Time to Have Your Own Plain & Fancy Kitchen

If Plain & Fancy Cabinetry sounds like the right option for your dream kitchen, now is the time to take advantage of this kitchen cabinet sale. During their limited-time, March Madness Promo, they’re offering great incentives.  From now until April  25th, take advantage of one of three of these fantastic kitchen cabinet sales:

50% off all in-house Plain & Fancy Cabinet doors and drawers

Every in-house door and drawer is discounted 50%, and inset installation comes free, with no upcharge. Discounted in-house styles include: Apollo, Contempo, Quaker, Quaker 3˝, Shaker, Shaker 3˝, Vogue, Vogue 3˝, Vogue P6 Panel, Vogue P6 Panel 3˝, Vintage, Vintage 3˝, Slab, and Raised DHRP drawer heads.

Inset construction 50% OFF upcharge

The regular upcharge will be 50% off on 3/4 and 5/4 inset when using any door style. This promo will not be in addition to any other incentives currently running, e.g., displays, add-ons, samples, literature, etc.

White Cabinets for Sale – range of finishes

*Update* – the finish offer has expired  due to overwhelming demand.   Get 50% off on a wide variety of finishes, including selected white finishes as well as all their most popular finishes. Selected discount white finishes also include free inset construction. The White Sale promotion cannot be used in conjunction with 1/2 priced doors or inset promos. Selected white finishes include: White, Cascade White, White Sand, Slate White, Dove White, Stone, Vista Gray, Fawn, and Buttercream.

Act Now To Get Your Dream Kitchen for a Great Deal – Offer Expires 4/25/19

This is a limited-time ‘first-come, first serve’ kitchen cabinet sale.  Get your order in before it’s too late and start enjoying hand-crafted cabinetry by Plain & Fancy Cabinets.

Start today to lock-in your savings.  Complete the form below and a representative from Bath Plus Kitchen will contact you.

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