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Custom Kitchen Design and Remodel | Arlington VA 22206

Custom Kitchen Design and Remodel - Arlington VA 22206

  • A full kitchen remodel in Arlington, VA.
  • Remove and install new vinyl floor tiles.
  • Construction and installation provided by B+K.





Design Fee
- Previously paid design fee is applied towards the total cost
Option # 1
- Receive a 7% discount for payment in full up front.
Option # 2
- No discount, 50% due at time of signing, 50% due when cabinet deliver scheduled, typically 1 to 3 weeks before cabinets are delivered.
- Previously paid design service is applied towards the deposit per design package

- Upon signing the contract, a deposit of 50% is required. In paying the 50% deposit, you will receive a credit of 5% towards the total cost. This credit is passed along to you as we are able to pay up front for materials and take advantage of early pay discounts with vendors.

- 48% will be equally distributed weekly, until the project is completed except punch list.

- 2% for punch list and all items complete.
End of Week 1 (8% due - 58% running total)
Start Demolition of kitchen, start roughs-ins.
End of Week 2 (8% due - 66% running total)
Rough-ins complete.
End of Week 3 (8% due - 74% running total)
Start cabinet install.
End of Week 4 (8% due - 82% running total)
Cabinet installed, waiting for countertops.
End of Week 5 (8% due - 90% running total)
Countertops installed, start backsplash, faucet, appliance hookups.
End of Week 6 (8% due - 98% running total)
Project complete except punch list.
Project complete (2% due - 100% running total)
Punch list and all items complete.

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Custom Kitchen Design and Remodel | Arlington VA 22206