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    Our clients Ryan & Meg decided to open up their Alexandria kitchen in a big way. They took out a wall that had previously closed off the kitchen from the dining and living rooms. By taking the wall out Meg, who does most of the kitchen, can interact with Ryan and guests while they entertain. This gets everyone out of the kitchen while she's trying to cook. If you're thinking of doing white cabinets you'll like these. They feature soft closing doors and drawers and extend to the ceiling. The counter top is quartz. The backsplash is a glass subway tile and the floor is a 12" x 24" tile in a herringbone pattern. If you have a bath or kitchen project in Alexandria, VA or the DC Metro area contact us today. We're happy to discuss!



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As our name suggests we specialize in bathroom and kitchen design and remodeling.  For inspiration check out some of our recently completed bathrooms and kitchens.  We hope you’ll begin trusting us with selections as you browse these photos.

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