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A message from Eric Shipe
We are a boutique design & remodeling firm soon to be located in Old Town Alexandria at 1215 King St ūü§ě. ¬† Our approach differs from some of our competitors who are all to eager to sell. ¬†We’re selective in the projects we take on. ¬†We want to make sure we’re a good match for our clients because we want a comfortable experience for everyone, our clients, our crews, and our designers.
You should know if you’re someone who’s collecting estimates or you’re someone looking for the lowest bid (aka inexperienced, uninsured, fly-by-night companies planning to gouge you on change orders) ¬†we are not the company for you. ¬†While we understand everyone is on a budget bathroom and kitchen design and remodeling is a business where you truly get what you pay for. ¬†Think about it. ¬†If you were an expert tile installer or carpenter would you work for below average wages? ¬†Probably not. ¬†Your in demand skill, reputation, and attention to detail would command a higher rate.
We’re not in this business to get every job. ¬†We’re in this business to make sure every job is designed and remodeled right because we stand behind our work. ¬†Once we’re done with your first project we know you’ll recommend us to your friends and family and if you¬†have more work you’ll hire us to do it.
So if you’re someone looking for a win-win relationship who has an appreciation for quality design and remodeling work we’d love to hear from you.
Eric Shipe
Our Story
Bathrooms, Kitchens - Yep - That's Us.

As our name suggests we specialize in bathroom and kitchen design and remodeling. ¬†For inspiration check out some of our recently completed bathrooms and kitchens. ¬†We hope you’ll begin trusting us with selections as you browse these photos.

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The Official Bath & Kitchen Process
Simplified For Your Sanity

So you have a life, right? ¬†You’re probably working all week, managing a house, a family, sitting in some lovely traffic, etc. ¬†Now it’s a weeknight or Saturday.. how’d you like to spend that time perusing tile displays? ¬†Yeah, didn’t think so.

Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a remodeling company who had designers who could select materials for you or at least with you? ¬†If you’re answering yes to that question we want to hear from you. ¬†Seriously. ¬†We love making your life easier because it makes our life easier too. ¬†If you have faith in our designers and realize they do this for a living we don’t have to talk process.. just skip straight to the contact us button ūüėÄ.



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Don’t Take Our Word For It

‚ÄúWe recently had Bath Plus Kitchen Remodeling complete a renovation of our master bathroom. Having worked with many contractors updating our town home, I can honestly say they were the best to work with! From the constant communication, to meeting the schedule and budget‚Ķ We were very pleased. The bathroom…‚ÄĚ