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Tips for Surviving Your Kitchen Remodel

If you have a kitchen remodel approaching it’s probably safe to say that you’ve invested a lot of time and money planning for this. We have some expert tips that will help you get through your kitchen remodel as easily and stress free as possible.

General Tips:

1. Make Other Living Arrangements

If you really want a completely stress free renovation we suggest moving out during the renovations if at all possible. This could involve staying with family or locating a short-term rental for the duration of the project. If leaving your property for the whole project isn’t an option it might be a great time to plan a short vacation, which will at least give you a short break from the constant construction.

2. Setup A Temporary Kitchen

You will want to figure out in advance where the best place is to setup a small temporary kitchen while construction is taking place. Is it the garage, dining room, laundry room? Let your contractor know where that space is before the remodel begins and ask them to place some of the old cabinets in the temporary space so that you can use them until your new kitchen is ready to use.

3. Storage Is Your Friend

In order to keep your other living spaces as intact as possible we suggest moving as many kitchen items as possible into storage during the remodel. With a smaller temporary kitchen and limited ability to cook you won’t need the majority of your kitchen gadgets anyways. Putting them into storage or a POD will ensure that nothing gets lost or broken. It also ensures that they don’t get moved into other parts of your home. Your kitchen will already be torn apart, the last thing you want is other rooms in your house being overcrowded and uncomfortable to live in as well.

4. Stick with Your Routines

During the renovation try to keep your schedules as “normal” as possible. This is especially important if you have pets and children who are used to a set schedule. Keeping with your regular routine will help keep them more comfortable and less stressed during the renovation.

5. Avoid Making Changes

As difficult as it might be it is really important that you try to avoid making any last-minute additions or changes to your kitchen remodel after it’s already started. Altering your original selections in any way will just cost you more money and extend the completion of the project. To prevent any unnecessary costs, establish a list of everything you want to include in your new kitchen to evaluate what fits or does not fit your kitchen space, or what would be the greatest combinations to create an appealing kitchen design.


Tips for Managing Without a Full Kitchen

1. Plan on Eating Out

Let’s face it, cooking every single meal at home during your kitchen remodel just isn’t going to be an option. Plan on eating out a few nights a week during your remodel. It will make your life much easier and will also be a nice break to get away from the ongoing construction. If you are on a tight budget, try locating some coupons in advance to help you save some money on your trips out.

2. Stock Up on Disposables

Whenever possible try to take advantage of disposable plates, cups and utensils. This will help you cut back on the number of dishes that you have to do – because not having a functioning kitchen sink to use makes that task a lot harder than normal!

3. Get Creative with Washing Dishes

No matter how hard you try you will still end up with some dishes that will have to be washed. Ideally, you’ll be able to wash them in the bathroom sink, or even the tub. If that’s not an option, you could always use the hose to fill up a large cooler with soapy water and wash them in there.

4. Make Meals in Advance

Trying to prepare meals with limited counterspace and just the basic kitchen gadgets can be a challenge, even for the most experienced chefs. To help make life easier during your renovation we suggest preparing as many meals as possible in advance and freezing them. This will also cut back on the time it takes you to prepare dinner during the renovation and the number of dishes that you’ll have to do.

5. Small Appliances Should be Your Friends

If you are having your kitchen remodel completed when the weather is warm you will absolutely want to take advantage of your grill. There are lots of different types of foods that you can prepare on the grill and in most cases no pots or pans will be needed to do so. You should also plan on making the most out of your crockpot and electric griddle, as both of these kitchen tools can be used to prepare a large selection of meals while taking up little space and making cleanup simple.

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If you follow these great tips, we promise that life during your kitchen remodel will be much easier for you and your family. Just keep in mind that the end result will be well worth the inconvenience after it’s all complete and you have your dream kitchen!


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