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The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Kitchen Storage and Efficiency

The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Kitchen Storage and Efficiency

When you purchase your first home you’ll most likely be headed on a shopping trip to get all the basics for your kitchen – dishes, utensils, pots, pans and a few other items. Then before you know it a few years’ passes by and you start wondering how you’ve gathered so many different kitchen tools and gadgets! And even better yet – you start wondering where the heck you going to keep everything so that it’s available and easy to access when you are ready to use it. Over the years we’ve installed some great products in our clients kitchens that have helped keep their beloved kitchen products organized and we can’t wait to share these lifesaving must-have kitchen accessories with you too!

Spice Organizers

If you love to cook, then it’s pretty safe to assume that you have a ton of spices in your kitchen! Some cooks prefer to keep them handy, leaving them out on the counter, while others prefer to keep them stuffed into a cabinet or drawer. No matter what your preference there are multiple storage options for you. If you are the type of person who likes to keep your spices in a drawer we suggest using an insert that allows you to place the spices in on an angle so that you can easily see which spice is which. If you prefer to keep them in your base cabinets, there are pull out organizers that come in many different sizes. This allows you to utilize space at the back of your cabinet for storage without you having to dig to the pack to find what you are looking for. If you are someone who has always had their spices in an upper cabinet, we haven’t forgot about you! There are units that mount to cabinet doors and tiered units that sit in upper cabinets to nicely stack and display all of your spices right at eye level. No digging or bending to locate the spice you need for that fancy new recipe you are trying out.

Our Product Recommendations:

Drawer Insert:

X-Large Wood Spice Drawer Insert

Small Base Cabinets:

Base Filler Pull-Out with Adjustable Shelves, Natural

Medium Base Cabinets:

Pull-Out Wood Base Cabinet Organizer

Large Base Cabinets:

Base Cabinet Pullout Organizer with Wood Adjustable Shelves Sink & Base Accessories, 8-Inch

Wall Cabinets:

8 in. Pull-Out Wood Wall Cabinet Organizer
Pull-Out Wood Wall Cabinet Organizer
Small Cabinet Door Mount Wood 3-Shelf Spice Rack
Non-Skid 3-Tier Cabinet Organizer, 15-Inch

Trash Cans

Do you have having your trash can sitting out in the open in your kitchen? Is it taking up way too much room in your pantry? If you answered yes to either of these questions then we might have a great accessory that will help to keep your trash can handy, but out of sight at the same time. We suggest keeping your trash can in one of your base cabinets. There are mounting options for pull-out cabinets and also regular single/double door base cabinets. Depending on the type of system you purchase and how larger your base cabinets are you can also select if you’d like to store 1 can or 2, which is a great option for those who need a can for trash and a can for recycling.

Our Product Recommendations:

Pull Out Organizers:

Double 35 Qt. Pull-Out Black and Chrome Waste Container
Single 35 Qt. Pull-Out Black and Chrome Waste Container with Rear Basket
Metal Door Mounting Kit for Wire Sink and Base Units

Knives & Utensils

When you are hard at working making your favorite meal you need you spoons, knives and other cooking utensils easily accessible. Instead of leaving them out on your counters to collect dust or buried deep in the bottom of a drawer we recommend storing them in a base cabinet that features a pull-out organizer. This allows you to organize them by utensil type or most frequently used and in some cases you can even purchase an organizer that includes a knife block, allowing you the ability to remove that off your countertop as well. Think of all the counter space we’ve just freed up for you with just one great cabinet insert! If you don’t feel like you have the space in your cabinet for an organizer there are also some great inserts for drawers as well. Not only can you keep your utensils organized in a drawer but there are even inserts for knives so that you can still eliminate the big chunky knife block from your counters.

Our Product Recommendations:

Cabinet Pull-Outs:

Pull-Out Wood Base Cabinet Utensil Organizer with 3 Bins and Soft-Close Slides
Pull-Out Wood Base Cabinet Organizer with Knife Block and Soft-Close Slides

Drawer Inserts:

Large Cabinet Drawer Wood Cutlery Tray Insert
Wood Knife Block Insert

Pots and Pans

If you are having to unload your whole cabinet just to get to the pot or pan that you want to use you desperately need these next kitchen accessories! With storage units that pull out of your cabinets you no longer need to stack your pots just to keep them towards the front on the cabinet and you no longer need to remove every pot and pan from your cabinet in order to reach the one you are looking to use. Now you can use your deep base cabinets to their fullest extent. When you need a pot or pan towards the back you just simply pull the organizer out of the cabinet until you can easily reach your desired cooking tool.

Our Product Recommendations:

Pull Out Under Cabinet Sliding Shelf
Medium Wood Base Cabinet Pull-Out Drawer
Pull-Out Wood Base Cabinet Tray Divider with Foil & Wrap Organizer
Pull-Out Chrome 2-Tier Wire Basket
Pull-Out 2-Tier Base Cabinet Cookware Organizer

Other Storage & Efficiency Items:

Plastic Bags

If you are like many homeowners, you probably like to make sure you keep a few grocery bags from each trip you make to the store. I mean, you never really know when you might need a plastic bag for something! The downside to collect those plastic bags – where the heck to you store them?! An awesome wall-mount bag dispenser is exactly what everyone needs in their kitchen. This will save you space and keep your bags organized!

Our Product Recommendations

Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser, Stainless Steel

Small Appliances

Do you have a Kitchen-Aid mixer or other small, but rather heavy appliance that you enjoy using? If so we completely understand how much work it can be to lift it into place to use it or even worse, how much space it can take up if you leave it out on your counter full-time. We are about to make your life much easier but introducing you to a lift assist shelf that makes it so much easier to store your heavier small appliances. This shelf gets installed in your base cabinets and makes it easy for you to move your appliance into place without having to manually lift it. Once you are done using it the shelf simply slides back under the cabinet where your appliance will be waiting for the next time you are ready to use it.

Our Product Recommendations:

Full Height Base Cabinet Heavy Duty Mixer Lift


For some reason Tupperware always reminds us of socks! So many different brands, sizes and shapes and no matter how hard to try to keep the right pieces paired together it never works and before you know it you only have one piece out of the set – just like losing one of the socks in a set! This great Tupperware organizer is a great tool to help keep all of your containers and lids neatly displayed in one small space in your kitchen which will hopefully help to eliminate (or at least minimize) the chances of you misplacing part of your food storage set.

Our Product Recommendations:

Food Storage Container Organizer, Natural

Under Sink Storage & Organization

In most homes the space beneath the sink is often unorganized and underutilized. To get the most out of your space we suggest adding a pull out organizer with multiple storage levels. This will help you get the most out of the space by allowing you to store and access items in the very back of the cabinet. You can also use the doors to store items as well. Hang a towel bar and a storage organizer on the doors to free up space on the base of the cabinet. You can also attach trays with hinges to the upper part of your sink cabinet which are great for holding sponges and cleaning tools.

Our Product Recommendations:

Trays with Hinges

White Polymer Tip Out Sink Front Trays and Hinges

Towel Holder

Towel Holder, Chrome

Door Organizer

Door Storage Cabinet Organizer Tray Set

Sliding Organizer

Undersink Sliding Organizer, Chrome

Base Cabinet Pantry System

Is your home limited on pantry space? Or maybe you don’t have a pantry at all. This next kitchen cabinet accessory is going to be a life changer for you. This great product allows you to create a pantry right inside on of your base cabinets. It features two swing-out units and two door storage units that will increase your storage space dramatically.

Our Product Recommendations:

Base Cabinet Swing Out Complete Pantry System, Natural

File Storage

While you might be more likely to use this product in an office, there are many kitchens that feature a work station or mail area where this product would come in handy. This two-tier unit is perfect for storing and organizing important documents. You could even use it to help keep track of all of your important recipes!

Our Product Recommendations:

Two-Tier File Drawer System with F/E slides

Cleaning Tools

It takes a lot of tools to keep your home looking clean! Mops, Swiffer’s, brooms, and more. This great wall mount system allows to you keep all of these tools, off the floor and all in one place for easy access. You can mount this system to the inside of a door or to a wall.

Our Product Recommendations:

Gripper Holders For Mop Broom Handles and Heads with Hooks

Corner Cabinet Solutions

Most kitchens have at least one corner where there are cabinets. While it’s ideal to have a lazy suzan as a corner cabinet that isn’t always an option for all home owners. The following products are great options for those of us who have an inaccessible blind corner cabinet.

Our Product Recommendations:

Half Moon Shelving

Half Moon Pivot & Slide Out, White

Wire Shelving

Corner Cabinet Pull-Out 2-Tier Wire Basket Organizer

Access to High Cabinets

While most of us probably put our most used kitchen tools in lower cabinets there is still a need to use higher shelving for the rest of our kitchen supplies – the ones we use for dinner parties and holiday gatherings. It’s always handy to have a step stool handy to help reach those higher shelves when you need to.

Our Product Recommendations:

Steel Frame Stool with Hand Grip and Plastic Steps

Now that you have all the tools necessary to reorganize your kitchen and get the full potential out of pantry and cabinet storage space we’re sure that you’ll be busy shopping! If you find that your kitchen needs even more help, feel free to contact one of our design experts and we’ll help you create a whole new kitchen layout that better fits your needs.

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