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How To Tell If It Is Time For A Bathroom Remodel

The comfort and complacency of home can make it easy to miss signs of wear and tear. Maybe you haven’t noticed the outdated wallpaper in the familiar warmth of the kitchen. Perhaps you have an overflowing closet that absolutely cannot fit anything else. It could also be that your bathroom doesn’t look as sparkly clean as it used to.

Circumstances such as these could mean it’s time for an update, but how do you know if it’s the right time to renovate a bathroom? As an often-overlooked area of the house, bathrooms can sometimes go years without any improvements — that is, until the sink starts leaking or your needs change.

To help you determine if a makeover is in order, we’ve put together a list of everyday signs your bathroom is calling for a remodel.

  1. There’s a Leak
  2. You Want to Sell Your Home Soon
  3. Noticeable Deterioration
  4. You Have a Mold Problem
  5. Insufficient Storage Space

1. There’s a Leak

Whether it’s a bathtub faucet leaving stains from a constant drip or a leaky valve behind the wall, it’s essential to take care of a leak quickly. Otherwise, you run the risk of an elevated water bill, mold growth or even structural damage. In fact, a home’s water bill could go down 10% just by fixing the simplest of leaks.

When does a leak call for a remodel? Important signs to look for include brown stains on the ceiling below a bathroom; significant amounts of water leaking along the base; or if mold keeps coming back no matter how many times you clean the same spot.

If the problems are this severe, it’s crucial to contact a plumber for proper inspection. Then, use the occasion to update the broken or leaking features with modern models designed to reduce water consumption and maximize utility savings. Doing so could help dress up the space, impress guests and help with resale value.

2. You Want to Sell Your Home Soon

Speaking of resale value, remodeling the bathroom can go a long way in helping your home sell when the time comes. Maybe it involves adding a bathtub if you don’t have one, or undertaking a major, contractor-led renovation project (which could reportedly garner you up to an 80% return on investment).

While this type of renovation project can be expensive, a small update could be enough to make your washroom a selling point. Ways to add value on a budget include installing new lighting, adding a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color or even mounting matching metal fixtures

One surefire way to get the most out of your investment is to update the flooring, as it reportedly has an ROI of 107% on average. If going on the market soon, it may also help to speak with a realtor for more ideas and other benefits to be gained from a restroom remodel. Of course, it’s best to put any urgent repairs ahead of aesthetic upgrades.

3. Noticeable Deterioration

Have you noticed any cracks in the tub or chips in the tiles? Although these are likely to happen over time, they can be potentially dangerous as well as unattractive. These repairs should be addressed quickly to prevent them from worsening. Replacing tiles could be done at a relatively low cost. However, some types of deterioration require more work.

For instance, grout that has become discolored by mold or stains may call for hard work best left to the professionals. The same might be said for an inefficient exhaust fan that leaves watermarks on the ceiling. Consider obvious signs of damage such as these as an opportunity to revamp the room entirely.

4. You Have a Mold Problem

Due to the humid nature of a bathroom, it’s not uncommon to find a little mold now and then. However, it’s when mold and mildew are left to build up that they could become a major problem, not just aesthetically but for the health of the whole household. If you have a serious buildup that returns repeatedly no matter how much bleach you use, it’s time to act.

First thing is to test the mold with the support of a professional and determine the problem areas. If mild, consider restoring the ventilation and insulation of the room. If the mold is severe or located behind a wall or likewise out of reach, a remodel may be the right course of action to properly address it.

Extensive mold is an issue you can’t afford to disregard. It’s essential to bring in a removal expert for remediation before the problem has a chance to spread, impact the home’s value or get anyone sick.

5. Insufficient Storage Space

Limited functionality in a bathroom can be a major pain in the neck. One major source of frustration for many homeowners is the lack of storage space for towels, hygiene products and all that jazz. If you’re constantly clearing space on your counters or searching the house for toiletries, it could be time to add storage solutions with a bathroom remodel.

Fortunately, there are many ways to do so. You could mount floating shelves, install a new vanity with cabinet storage, or completely revitalize the space by switching up the layout or knocking down a wall for an expansion. Whichever way you choose to optimize the space, keep in mind the restroom should be a place to relax, not feel cramped.

Get the Most Out of Your Bathroom

When the needs of a household change, the space should keep pace. If you’re looking to sell, grow the family or simply bring the style into the 21st century, a bathroom remodel may be just the ticket.

Before moving forward with your plans, consider the features you want to update, the luxuries to add and other design elements to incorporate. Then, when you’re ready, reach out to a reliable team who can help you get the results you want quickly and effectively.


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