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Top Seven Accessories to Improve your Kitchen Appearance

The kitchen has to be the favorite place for many people, especially for avid chefs that love cooking. Besides, the kitchen is a space where many spend a lot of time either fixing themselves something to eat or storing up vital consumables. Kitchen accessories alongside are the most vital parts of a kitchen set up and decide how effortlessly you can walk and work in your cooking space.
There are some key accessories when you are designing a new kitchen or renovating an existing one. While everyone would love to have a fully optimized and organized storage, the truth is, not everyone has the luxury of having a MasterChef style arranged in a hyper-organized setting to store their kitchen accessories.
So, if you’d love to upgrade your kitchen with a small budget and want to make sustainable choices, this is a must-read.

1. Update or Add Layered Lighting

A well-layered lighted kitchen improves its appearance – the emphasis here is on layers. While depressed ceiling fixtures ascertain general illumination, accessory lights function as an accent and cover the island. Upgrading it is a way to add style to your kitchen since it gives the first impression. You need not break a bank for a light fixture, but if you’re willing to splurge, you can explore a stylish chandelier.

2. Add a Focal Backlash

Backsplash, when harnessed appropriately, not only takes a lot of hits and heat but also doubles as the center of attraction, seeing it covers a good expanse of space. Adding a backsplash does wonder to amplify the feel of your kitchen. For something even more exciting, you should go for patterned ceramic tiles, particularly for a small space or a single wall that could make a big impact.

3. Create a Functional Island

Have your kitchen island play jack of all trades and multi-functional, including tailored elements to the basic unit. To get yourself an intensified storage and extra workspace, consider a shelving unit on one side and a table section at chair height on the other side at the end of the island, providing useful storage space for cutlery. You might also consider purchasing a new countertop with an overhang and adding legs extending your island without seating.

4. Pantry Unit

A definite must in every kitchen is the pantry unit. A pantry unit is regarded as a cupboard with a difference, storing all your non-perishable food products, groceries, bottles, jars, and other appliances. Although you can only customize the pantry unit based on the space available, it undoubtedly improves the style statement in your kitchen, particularly when you combine it with beautiful finishes, like sophisticated handles and lighting. 

5. Explore Wall Art Painting

Alongside wall paints, finding the perfect backdrop to complement your lifeless kitchen wall does not have to be overwhelming. Start with a theme with exemplary designs of your choice and step it up with other frames. For instance, the coffee painting by ElephantStock is a game changer for wall art paintings. This painting makes the corner of your minimalist kitchen stand out while maintaining the room’s simplicity. You can also check out other paintings that would suit your kitchen to create focal points, improve texture, add colors, and integrate elegance.

6. Change your Cabinet Hardware

Using a minimum investment of time and money, you have no idea what big an impact you can make by upgrading your cabinet hardware – talk about a quick and easy update that commands a colossal difference in the style of your kitchen. The best part is that you can change your cabinet hardware in just a few hours without spending much and yet transform your space’s entire appearance and atmosphere.

7. Use Cutlery Organizers

If your kitchen is modular, then a cutlery organizer is one important kitchen accessory you should have. Try out cutlery trays or a pull-out cupboard to display different-sized items stored in them, especially for deep but not too wide space. They all look sleek and can blend into your existing kitchen without a hitch. That being said, different cutlery stands, with partitions to display cutleries, are available for traditional kitchens.


Whether vintage, modular, contemporary, old French, or English, all kitchens have a lot in common. While most of these stylish and sophisticated items are expensive, you probably still have most of them on your to-do list for a kitchen revamp to suit your style. Instead of focusing on what you possibly can’t get, do what you have and still get the kitchen of your style on a budget. Good luck!


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