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Creative Kitchen Painting Ideas to Make it Stand Out

Creative Kitchen Painting Ideas to Make it Stand Out

Creative Kitchen Painting Ideas to Make it Stand Out

A space for cooking, relaxing, socializing, and entertaining, many consider the kitchen the most important part of a house. But when planning to decorate the house with paints and art, the kitchen is often overlooked on the list.

Incorporating decorative artwork and designs will ensure your kitchen is beautiful and functional. It is a fun, durable, and practical way to complete the space.

n this article, we’ve gathered some creative kitchen painting ideas that will make you feel confident and inspired to add the artwork to your kitchen and make it stand out. Let’s get started!

Paint a Handsome Mural

Creating a mural can make a remarkable statement for a larger-scale kitchen decor idea. Murals usually do best in uncluttered, large spaces. If there is limited space in your kitchen, create a simple mural based on freehand or geometric shapes.

For an elaborated mural design, create bold figures with colors from similar tonal ranges. Put tapes between two different colors to generate smooth lines. To avoid the masking tape vs. painters tape confusion, choose the tape based on your wall size, colors, and costs.

Applying this idea on a wall sitting at the back of a table can help create a different range of height in your kitchen without requiring large cabinets or furniture.

Try Bold Splashes of Colors

If the floor, walls, or countertops of the kitchen already offer loads of colors, the cabinets are usually kept white. However, if you wish to try something different, you can apply different colors to your kitchen cabinets to add some bold splashes of colors.

A playful tinge of robin’s egg blue can make your wall and base cabinets beautifully stand out. Other colors like greige, a mixture of beige and gray, are also gaining popularity nowadays.

Dark colors, such as dark green or navy, on the cabinets can give your kitchen a dramatic look. Again, if you want something subtle, painting the upper cabinets light and the lower cabinets dark can be a great decision. Coordinating pots, glassware, and a wall clock can add more color to your kitchen.

Paint the Internal Parts of the Cabinets

If you want a dramatic look for your kitchen, there is more to do than just painting the cabinets. If there are open shelving or glass-fronted cabinets, paint the interior of the cabinets in vivid color, contrasting with the remaining part of the cabinet.

It is also a great idea to decorate a rather dull and bare kitchen since it will act as an unexpected blast of fun as well as provide just the right amount of color.

Paint the Table Legs

A quirky and fun way of adding paint to your kitchen is by modifying the table legs. Select a bright color you like using in accessories, then paint the supports and legs of your kitchen table. It is particularly a great idea when you wish to include a splash of color in your kitchen without an entire refresh.

Add Colorful Characters

Whether you wish to decorate your kitchen with painting ideas or incorporate colorful artwork in order to develop an elegant contrast to the remainder of the scheme, selecting the perfect characters can give an eye-catching and uplifting look to the kitchen.

Paint the walls with primary colors, such as blue, to create a restful and calming backdrop. Then add abstract, colorful artwork, complementary kitchenware, and ornaments to add accent colors, energy, and vibrancy to the place.

Paint and Hang Decorative Mobiles

Decorative hanging arts, for example, mobiles, are a more creative kitchen art project. They can pull in a beautifully artistic and visual interest, along with a unique focus of attention to the kitchen.

There are a lot of modern mobile hangings to select from, or you can go creative and paint and create your own decorative mobile and hang it from your kitchen ceiling.

Go for a Double Tone Effect

An on-trend and lovely method to apply some new colors to the kitchen is using two complementary colors from a typical segment of the color wheel. Pantries and breakfast nooks are ideal for this.

Embrace Simplicity and Subtly

It is not necessary that all your kitchen artwork, paintings, or decorative ornaments and designs have to be bright, bold, and big. For creating a relaxing look or for a minimalist kitchen idea, it is best to keep it simple and subtle.

Neutral and simple decorative additions, for example, wooden boards or a face vase, can add character, texture, and color to the kitchen, just like paintings or artwork.

Tone with Your Splashback

Take your colored kitchen cabinets a level up by including the splashback in the scheme. It increases the impact of the color even more without encroaching entirely on your walls. However, ensure that you select  washable and wipeable paint. If not, all your toil may quickly be mottled or stained.

Paint the Chairs

Play with colors to develop a completely new scheme. Give the kitchen a splash of color by dyeing the chairs with your favored hues. You can even combine several tones to create a lively and fun look. However, keep colors reasonably low-key in other parts of the kitchen, with pale wooden cabinetry and stone flooring.

Trust Your Gut

In the end, your kitchen color coordination is dependent on the feel and look you are trying to get. With so many suitable colors for a kitchen, you have loads of opportunities to be creative and personalize the space. Whatever you choose, trust your gut and follow what you feel is best for you.

The Bottom Line

Whether you select simply a few lively highlights or a bold top to bottom shade for your kitchen, bringing new colors will lift everyone’s spirit and make your kitchen welcoming where you will want to gather and spend time with your friends and family. Happy painting!


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