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Kitchen design trends we’re seeing in 2020

As a full-service design-remodel firm, we help clients plan and create the perfect kitchen for their needs. Based on our observations from recent projects, we’ve put together a list of the biggest emerging kitchen design trends for 2020. While our clients all have their own unique preferences, there are a few choices that tend to become popular with many. We notice an instant attraction to certain features while working closely with them on both the aesthetics and functionality of their kitchens. We also see some consensus on which trends to sidestep at a given point. Subway tiles, for example, could be looking at retirement or at least a little time on the bench this year. The open-white kitchen concept may be here to stay, but we also know for a fact that many of our clients are ready for a change.

Our list of kitchen design trends highlights something the experts at Bath Plus Kitchen stand by: cabinets are at the heart of any kitchen design. When you redo your cabinetry, you have an opportunity to create a brand new aesthetic you can love for years, which is why all our cabinet lines offer lifetime warranties. Besides defining your kitchen’s look, cabinets also present a myriad of options for excellent functionality. Our clients find that our semi-custom and fully-custom cabinets give them the flexibility to plan the storage that’s best for them. With so many choices to consider, we recommend looking to leading manufacturers for inspiration.

What the kitchen cabinet experts are bringing to 2020

Delivering quality custom kitchen cabinets is a big part of what we do here at Bath Plus Kitchen. We work with the best cabinet manufacturers to give our customers a wide range of high-quality options to choose from. These top-rated kitchen cabinet brands include Bellmont, Plain & Fancy, and Dura Supreme. Let’s take a look at which products they believe will appeal to customers in 2020.

Bellmont Cabinets’ fashion update

In this video, Bellmont sums up the key kitchen cabinet design trends you’ll notice in 2020:

They also shared a fashion update, which tells us what kitchen cabinet styles customers will be looking for in 2020. We’re certain the following options will be popular with our clients:

  • Antibacterial surfaces, textured laminates and soft-touch laminates are now produced with an antibacterial treatment. The silver ions incorporated in the decorative layer attract bacteria and block their cell reproduction. Ensuring your cabinet surfaces are safe!
  • Windswept collection, described as “beautifully inconsistent” because it highlights the underlying wood grain allowing for color variances.
  • New laminates, including Roanoke (Firma) and Argento matte (Porta).
  • Fashion paint, Bellmont’s new collection.
  • Scala Shelf for a non-traditional storage option with a floating effect.

For design inspiration, browse the freshest looks from Bellmont Cabinets and keep an eye out for the slim shaker door, illusion door, and soft-touch laminates.

Plain & Fancy’s popular cabinetry options

These Plain & Fancy options were some of the top favorites in 2019 and will also trend in 2020.

  • Painted cabinetry is by far the most popular at 71% of all cabinets, as seen in the well-loved white kitchen.
  • The vogue door style, which offers a classic simplicity that can be used in traditional and modern transitional designs.
  • In an almost even split, we expect to see about 50% framed cabinets and 50% frameless cabinets. There are pros and cons to both.

Other great Plain & Fancy custom cabinet options for 2020 are white oak and their Summit collection, showcased here:

Dura Supreme’s new arrivals

  • Curated cabinet colors based on customer demand and future color forecasting, which is set to evolve every few years
  • Painted oak cabinetry
  • Shiplap panel, a striking design element for island backs, hoods, and other cabinetry accents.
  • Island end caps that are available in optional column designs and optional end treatments.

Many of these kitchen cabinet design trends will appear in homes this year. If you are planning a kitchen remodel in 2020, these ideas will help you make choices that will suit your needs while keeping you current.

The same goes for your overall kitchen design. A strong design will score high in both aesthetics and functionality, and here are a few trends that will help you achieve that.

10 fast-growing kitchen design trends you are sure to see this year

1. Two-tone cabinets

When you think of kitchen cabinetry, our guess is you’re thinking single color. Having kitchen cabinets in a uniform color and finish is certainly a popular choice. If you want to make a strong visual impact, however, two-toned cabinets are a great way to go. This is where two different finishes are used in the same kitchen. It’s something you’ll see a lot of in the latest kitchen cabinet color trends. From grey and white to multicolored cabinets, there are some very interesting and creative choices being made today.

kitchen located in Alexandria, VA that we completed last year has classic white uppers, latte base and tall cabinets, and an oak peninsula. While these different finishes create a striking contrast, they are also elegant choices that will remain in style for a long time. We chose these from our popular custom cabinet line, Dura Supreme.

Bath Plus Kitchen has designed and executed similar transformations in kitchens in Arlington, VA, Bethesda, MDCapitol Hill, in addition to this one in Alexandria, VA.

2. Standalone pantry (larder cabinets)

Highly functional, larder cabinets help you stay organized while keeping clutter to a minimum. If you’re unsure about how they would look in your kitchen, here’s some inspiration. They have specialized internal storage options that can accommodate your specific requirements. New Larder Cabinetry from Dura Supreme brings you options such as Storage Center, Beverage Center, and Baking Center with optional organizational features such as apothecary drawers and a flat Roll-Out Shelf.

3. Servo-drive push-to-open cabinets.

In addition to a contemporary look, kitchens today also benefit from features that feel state-of-the-art. A light touch is all it takes to create this stand-out, ultra-modern experience:

4. Cabinet hardware.

As a Top Knobs dealer, we see that honey bronze, ash grey, and flat black continue to be the most popular finishes for kitchen cabinet accessories. Their Ellis collection includes Amwell bars and delicately detailed knobs, pulls, and appliance pulls inspired by Southern sophistication à la Savannah, GA. Top Knobs also advocates mixing metals – such as black, bronze, chrome, and nickel – and we agree that this is an incredible way to add interest and create a unique look.

5. The Marble Look

Sophisticated and timeless, the marble look is back as a popular choice. For our customers, we recommend Silestone quartz countertops to achieve this look. Calacatta Gold is a popular colored quartz from Silestone. One that’s fast-emerging is Dekton.

6. Cladding for Kitchen appliances

Cladding turns kitchen appliances such as your fridge and range hood into part of your cabinetry. We love that seamless built-in look, and it’s fast becoming clear that we’re not the only ones. It’s why Dura Supreme recently introduced paneled hoods.

7. Floating shelves

Related to Scala shelves, floating shelves are a wonderful choice in 2020. They have a minimalistic appeal and work exceptionally well in small spaces. Hear Bellmont’s Product Director, John Brush, explain how they work:

8. Adding natural wood tones to your kitchen with an island or shelves

There is a growing affinity for natural wood tones, particularly for a kitchen island or shelves. Plain & Fancy’s white oak finishes reflect this. For many people, the white kitchen remains their first choice, but for those looking for something refreshing yet lasting, wood tones may be the answer.

9. Gray undertones for cabinets

The appeal of gray in kitchen design is easy to explain; gray will look stylish for years, and won’t make your kitchen appear outdated any time soon. That said, designers are always looking for exciting ways to reinvent gray finishes. Dura Supreme has beautiful gray paint options, from light and luxurious pearl to impactful graphite. These evolving choices are why gray in cabinetry is on our list of the latest kitchen design trends.

10. Transitional cabinetry

A transitional kitchen uses style references and inspiration from traditional kitchens to build a contemporary look that feels fresh. There is plenty of room for customization to suit your personality and requirements. The trend we are seeing is a desire for modern/contemporary/European-style cabinets. Getting the details right is integral to creating a cohesive look. Here’s how this approach worked for some of our clients in North Virginia and the DC Metro area.

There are many exciting possibilities to consider when planning your kitchen remodel, but your decisions should ultimately be based on your preferences and personal requirements. Looking at the newest kitchen trends can be an excellent starting point and can help you decide what your priorities are for your new kitchen.

If you spotted your favorite kitchen design trend for 2020 here, we’d love to chat about it. To discuss your vision for your remodel with us, reach out to us here.


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