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Change The Look Of Your Entire Room by Changing Just One Wall!

Don’t we all have a room that feels a bit dull and boring?? If you feel this way about a room in your home then our design experts have the perfect solution for you! It’s an easy project that doesn’t have to be expensive – but it will add that little something extra you’ve been looking for…. You need an accent wall! Designers and homeowners have come up with some amazing accent walls using a variety of different materials and we can’t wait to share these great ideas with you.

Paint Colors

This is the most obvious way to add an accent wall to your home. Many home owners will try a darker share of the color scheme they are already using in their room or they might even select a different color to use altogether. This is the most affordable option and the easiest look to create, but it’s also the most common so it might not give you the wow-factor you are looking for in an accent wall.


Wallpaper is making a comeback and is becoming an increasingly popular accent wall material in bathrooms, bedrooms and especially nurseries. To learn more about the comeback of wallpaper and all the reasons you might want to consider it for your accent wall click here to view our latest post on wallpaper.

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Stacked Stone

Stone walls are simply gorgeous! You will find these accent walls in living rooms, hallways and even bathrooms. Keep in mind that while this accent wall material will stop your guests dead in their tracks with amazement this is one of the more expensive materials out there.

Wood Pallets

In most cases wooden pallets are easy to find and sometimes you can even get them for free. It’s always best to sand them down, helping to remove any sharp edges or splinters. It’s up to you if you want to leave the natural color or create a multi-colored wall or just stain it all one color. If you are feeling really handy you could even install the pallet pieces on your ceiling instead of a wall to give your room a totally unique appearance!

Chalkboard Paint

You’ll probably be surprised to learn that this accent wall doesn’t have to just be for a child’s bedroom or playroom, although those are popular places for them. Chalkboard walls are also great in kitchens, living rooms, offices, mudrooms and really just about anywhere. A chalkboard accent wall gives you the option to change the appearance of your room from time to time with no cost or construction (who doesn’t love that). You can have a striking black wall when the surface is clean, you can use it for inspirational quotes, drawings, and even your grocery list. A few gallons of latex chalkboard paint is all you need to achieve this look.

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There are many other creative materials that you can use to create an accent wall in your home. If you’ve seen other design ideas or if you have one of these great accent walls in your home visit our Facebook page and share the photos with us!

Now all that’s left to do is to select the perfect wall and the right material and get to updating!


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