Navigating Change Orders and Unforeseen Conditions in Home Renovation

Home renovation projects are thrilling ventures, promising a transformed living space that meets your dreams and needs. However, they often come with their own set of challenges, particularly when it comes to change orders and unforeseen conditions. Let’s dive into the intricacies of handling these unexpected situations, guided by real-life examples from our recent projects.

The Unpredictable Nature of Renovations

In every renovation, we aim for smooth sailing, but the reality is that homes, especially older ones, can harbor surprises. These unforeseen issues often remain hidden until work begins, making them impossible to predict during initial assessments.

Case Study 1: The Ceiling Dilemma

Take, for example, a recent project where we were tasked with remodeling a ceiling. Only during the demolition phase did we discover the ceiling was significantly out of plumb. This issue was undetectable during the initial inspection and only came to light after we began the work. To address this, we offered the homeowner two options:

  1. Level the ceiling for $3,750 ensuring a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing finish.
  2. Install a taller starter molding for $1,577 which would conceal the ducting and provide a clean look without extensive structural work.

Case Study 2: The Bathroom Flooring Challenge

Similarly, during a master bathroom renovation, we encountered a major hurdle with the existing flooring. The concrete subfloor, attached to the original floor, needed complete removal. This additional task included demolishing the existing subfloor, sistering the joists, and installing a new subfloor, leading to an extra cost of $945.

Managing Change Orders

Change orders, a necessary evil in renovations, arise from these unforeseen conditions. They are not just additional costs but crucial steps to ensure the longevity and quality of the work. Communication is key in these situations. We ensure our clients are fully informed about the issue, the proposed solutions, and the associated costs. This transparency builds trust and understanding.

Conclusion: Embracing Flexibility and Transparency

In conclusion, while change orders and unforeseen conditions are not ideal, they are an integral part of the renovation journey. Our commitment to transparency, quality, and client satisfaction helps navigate these challenges effectively. We believe in turning these obstacles into opportunities for betterment, ensuring each project’s success, even in the face of the unexpected.

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Kitchen Remodeling Costs In 2020

Kitchen Remodeling Costs In 2020

Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Do you need a minor change or a major remodel for your kitchen?

The first crucial question to look into is the requirements. Are you just looking for some minute changes, or do you wish to get a major renovation for your kitchen? In these two options test, too, you have further things to do, such as decide on whether you need of a cost-friendly remodeling solution? Or, are you okay with a luxurious, upper range one too?

Minor kitchen remodeling

The main idea in a minor remodel is that the existing footprint of the kitchen is preserved, while more things are added to it. Also, sometimes, the appearance is modified, or the appliances are replaced with better ones.

Major kitchen remodeling

The main idea in a minor remodel is that the existing footprint of the kitchen is preserved, while more things are added to it. Also, sometimes, the appearance is modified, or the appliances are replaced with better ones.

Do you need a minor change or a major remodel for your kitchen?

The costs of kitchen remodeling cannot really be predicted accurately and are affected by several factors. However, going by the previous rates and considering the trends of kitchen remodeling in 2020, one can make a little prediction. According to the 2020 Cost vs. Value report, a major kitchen remodel midrange is around $67,583 while the upscale remodel is around $134,190 in Washington DC. If you are opting for a minor kitchen remodel only, the costs will go about 23,899.

kitchen remodeling costs

Kitchen Remodel Costs

Averages for DC Metro Area based on a 200 sq ft kitchen

  • Minor Upgrade $23,899
  • Midrange $67,583
  • Upscale $134,190

Kitchen remodeling: A smart investment

The sale of a house is greatly dependent on its kitchen too. To speak in a literal sense, a kitchen remodel can make or break a great house sale. This factor is a major one when it comes to hiking the resale prices of any house. You remodel its kitchen, and you instantly change the entire look of the house.

Speaking from previous observations, the kitchen remodels that are smaller are a much better option to go for. This is because smaller remodels are better at solving functional problems. Thus, the styling of the kitchen is much more versatile. On the other hand, when one goes for expensive styling, it usually relates to aesthetics and personal preferences come in. There are many buyers in the market who are not really looking for a house with a full-fledged, ornamented kitchen with high costs.

When the talk is about your home, a place that you are not planning to sell off or rent in the near future, personalize it as per your style and liking. After all, you should love cooking in your space. In fact, there are many people who complain at a later point and say that they have regrets about not spending a little extra on their kitchen remodeling

What aspects of the kitchen need remodeling?

The answer to this question can vary for different individuals. However, there is a list below that will help you understand the different components that you can look into when it comes to deciding the kitchen remodeling costs in your DC home.

  • Kitchen cabinetry: When deciding on the budget for your kitchen’s renovation, keep in mind that about one-third of the kitchen remodeling costs are going to go in cabinetry. The best choice would be to go for either custom or semi-custom cabinets. The reason for this is that they fit really well into the existing design of the kitchen most of the time.
custom cabinets Washington DC
  • Appliances: This aspect completely depends on the condition of your appliances. Keep in mind an use the appliances that are in good condition. This is going to help you save better. However, in case there are certain appliances that are not energy-efficient, it would be a smarter idea to replace them while you are considering the other kitchen remodeling costs.
  • Lighting and electrical fittings: The first important thing to keep in mind here is that you should always get in touch with a professional to help you with the lighting and electrical fixtures for your kitchen. When talking about kitchen remodeling costs, if you have the budget, you can opt for under cabinet lights.
  • The kitchen sink and countertops: There are different types of countertops available. The type that you pick for your kitchen depends on the budget you have, maintenance criteria, and the styling that appeals to you. The countertops of materials like granite, stone surfaces, and quartz are highly durable. However, these are expensive choices too. On the other hand, laminates are much cheaper, but their durability is not as high as other materials. Ceramic tiles are also a great alternative, but the quality is highly dependent on the budget and the brand.
  • Wall painting: It is always a good idea to make a wall painting a part of your kitchen remodeling costs. When you apply a fresh coat of paint in the kitchen, it looks much better and can make the kitchen more vibrant. Also, a few paint cans and brushes are all you need for it! Therefore, it won’t cost you much.
  • Flooring: When deciding the kitchen remodeling costs, keep in mind that the cost of flooring is going to depend on other factors. If there are just a few cracked tiles and if you can find the same model as you have in your kitchen, replace only the broken ones. When talking about affordability, vinyl would be a smart flooring choice for the kitchen area.
  • Plumbing work: If you are opting for a remodel for the kitchen sink, appliances, and faucets, the chances are that you are going to need some plumbing work as well. Even though plumbing does not take up a significant part of the kitchen remodeling costs, one can’t neglect this cost either.
  • Complete demolition and rebuild: Complete demolition and rebuilding of the kitchen are going to cost you much higher as it involves the main structure of the kitchen. Therefore, the costs are going to go really high. However, if that is what you are opting for, pick the design and styling according to your liking.

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Quick tips to help you save on your kitchen remodeling costs

When it comes to kitchen remodeling costs, everybody would want to get the best in the least of pricing. Therefore, here are a few tips to help you make smarter choices and lower your overall kitchen remodeling costs:

  • Be a smart shopper :  Start looking for things early so that you have time to look through sales, offers, and make the best bargains.
  • Don’t fiddle much with the layout :   One of the most expensive parts about kitchen remodeling costs is the layout of your kitchen. Therefore, if possible, keep the layout the same and remodel your kitchen for other aspects.
  • Get a quote before finalizing :   It is very important to get a quote or an estimate before you finalize anything. You would not want surprises at the last moment and a hike in pricing!
  • Explore :   There are multiple books, planners, and other creative webpages available on the internet these days. Make sure you utilize your options. Explore to get some creative ideas that you can apply in your kitchen remodel.

If you make the right choices, you can get a good kitchen to remodel done in your budget. Whenever you are planning for one, however, keep in mind the different components and estimate the costs properly. Also, even if you are looking for an economical option, don’t try to eliminate necessary remodeling activities. You would not want to be amongst the homeowners who end up regretting not spending decently on their kitchen remodeling when they should have! Therefore, be wise and make the right choices. After all, a kitchen remodel is an important task and one of the most crucial ones for a house.

Kitchen Remodel Estimates: Good, Better, or Best? You Decide

Kitchen Remodel Estimates: Good, Better, or Best? You Decide

Not All Kitchen Remodel Estimates Are Equal  

If you’re due for a ​kitchen remodel​, you’ve likely found yourself overwhelmed with choices. There is a dizzying array of available options for everything from tile to appliances, at every price range, which can make estimating kitchen remodel costs a real headache. Here at Bath Plus Kitchen, we’ve tried to simplify the process while offering our clients a full range of options; the result is our “good/better/best” system, which quickly and easily adjusts your estimate to reflect exactly what each option will cost – including materials, labor, and management, in an easy-to-read format.

When budgeting it also helps to refer to the annual ​Cost vs. Value report for the Washington, DC Metro Area.​ In the report they assess a midrange and upscale kitchen that’s 200 square feet and has 30 linear feet of​ cabinets​. The average for a mid range kitchen is $64,514. Upscale is $128,117.


How it Works: Choose Good, Better, or Best

Step 1: Visit Our Showroom

To start, you’ll want to schedule a time to visit our showroom located at 1215 King St Alexandria, VA.  There you’ll have the opportunity to meet with one of our designers to discuss your project and style interests.  You can touch and feel materials to get a sense of what works for you.  The initial goal is to get a sense of what level of materials you like most.  From there we can begin to define a budget.

Step 2: Choose Good, Better, or Best

Because there’s what the heart wants and what the wallet can afford we offer you three options for each purchase category.  You mix and match these options to your liking. As you do so, our spreadsheet generates a detailed, itemized estimate that shows how each option affects the total project estimate. The three available options (good, better, and best) are based on the quality of the components and design.  We offer several high-quality lines of cabinets, tile, hardware, flooring, countertops, and fixtures at all price ranges, and we are a General Electric appliance dealer.

L-Shaped Kitchen Example

Choosing Cabinets

Let’s do some kitchen pricing for an average, L-shaped kitchen.  The first thing to do is to count the cabinets in your current kitchen (if pulling and replacing) or take a guess at how many you’ll need.  In this example kitchen we’ll say it has 11 cabinets. It also has an old closet we plan to remove and replace with a pantry cabinet, which counts as 2 cabinets for estimation purposes. We now have a total of 13 cabinets. We choose our quality level (good usually being a semi-custom line, better usually being an upgrade to plywood cases or a nicer finish, and best usually being high end inset or acrylic cabinets) and enter this total of 13 into the appropriate box. Immediately we’ll see a comprehensive estimate based on this choice. The cost of cabinets can range from around $600 per cabinet for a stock cabinet to more than $2,500 per cabinet for a high-end, custom cabinet. Keep in mind the more accessories a cabinet has the higher the cost of the cabinet becomes.  Also opting for more drawer base cabinets instead of base cabinets with doors will end up costing more.

We’ve seen that most homeowners prefer to opt for the flexibility of a semi-custom line over a stock line, so we’ll say that in this case, the estimates are: $9,075 for our good option, $13,673 for our better option, and $32,500 for our best option.

Choosing Countertops

Here again, there is a range of available options. Using an average square footage for estimating purposes, our three countertop options come out to $2,830 for our good option, $3,342 for our better option, and $4,010 for our best option. It’s important to say here that we highly recommend quartz countertops, as they need very little maintenance and offer a great return on investment. Quartz is less porous than other stone countertops, and as such, requires no sealing. This means less maintenance, no stains, and no chipping or flaking – all at costs comparable to marble or granite.

The Kitchen Sink

Let’s move on to the sink for our next example. For our kitchen estimate, a basic, undermount, stainless steel sink is our good option, coming in at $350. Our better option is a zero-radius sink, coming in at around $600. And our best option is a cast iron apron sink, which runs about $1,150. We have many options for fixtures and hardware, which we’ll customize to suit your taste, but which still fall under one of our three categories. For our purposes here, we’ll say our faucet options are $350, $490, and $980.

Tile and Backsplash

This is an area where homeowners usually like to do a little showing off, and one where you can literally spend whatever you want. It’s easy to fall in love with custom tile, and some of these can range to over $100 per square foot. That being said, basic subway tile starts at around $5 per square foot, and our best options usually run about $52 per square foot. For this example, we’ll say the options are $263, $525, and $972. And of course, if you do choose a custom tile, we can work with that also.


Hardware and Fixtures

Here at Bath Plus Kitchen, we offer more hardware than you can shake a stick at. At prices normally ranging from $5 per unit to $22 per unit, and in a myriad of styles, you’ll find a lot of great choices here – and if you want $100 a piece hardware, we have that also. For this estimate, we’ll say our options are $105, $251, and $464.

Totals (without appliances)

Now let’s look at total costs. This is only a partial estimate (we skipped things like materials and labor, as well as some smaller items like lighting and garbage disposal), but if we fill in the blanks, we end up with estimates for the entire project (without appliances) ranging from $23,000 to over $40,000. It’s important to mention that the mixing and matching of options means an almost infinite number of possibilities within this range, which makes it easy to fine tune your estimate to match your budget.

We Offer Appliances Also

Bath Plus Kitchen is a General Electric appliance dealer, and we are proud to offer their Café and Profile lines. Our cost estimator works for appliances, too, and it’s just as easy to include appliances in your estimate as it is anything else we offer. We’ve found that most homeowners prefer our exceptional GE appliances (which mostly fall into our good and better categories), but some do want premium luxury appliances, which we are happy to provide.  For customers who do choose our GE appliances, we are able to offer them a discount of around 10% off retail plus any incentives or rebates they’re entitled to. As you can see, this really makes Bath Plus Kitchen a one-stop kitchen remodel destination for the DC metropolitan area.


Investment Analysis and Return on Investment

Your kitchen is the most important room in your home, and the place where you’ll see the highest return when you sell your home. Ask any realtor, and they’ll tell you “kitchens sell houses.” That’s what makes our kitchen estimator such a useful tool – it allows you to see where you’re investing your money in relation to how that investment might affect resale price. For example, you might find that quirky hardware pattern you love really isn’t cost-effective when it’s time to sell your home and potential buyers don’t like it. Or you might find that spending more for a sink can substantially raise the wow factor in your kitchen without a substantial upcharge. The point is you’ll have something you can see that’s adaptive to your choices and gives you the information you need to invest in a new kitchen wisely. Who wouldn’t want that?

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you soon here at Bath Plus Kitchen. If you have any questions, or would like to see a detailed report on kitchen return on investment, please email me at [email protected]. Until then, happy living!